Primary Aboriginal and islander languages resources: nouns and pronouns

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Spanish Masculine and Feminine Nouns

Spanish Masculine and Feminine Nouns

A Powerpoint explaining the differences between masculine and feminine nouns for beginners. Uses boys and girls names in Spanish to differentiate between the endings of nouns and to help students find patterns.

By joannelouise87

Reading (places)

Reading (places)

This worksheet can be used to practice reading simple sentences in Arabic and learning some names of places. It can also be used for speaking activities.

By Nizart

930 slides of literacy lessons

930 slides of literacy lessons

A huge range of Outstanding Literacy lessons aimed at low ability KS3 and KS4 classes. No need to alter- these are ready to teach and will keep you going all year. Separated clearly into sections for sentence types, word classes, punctuation, dialogue, homophones and creative writing. Lots of card sorts, quizzes, competitions, engaging activities, use of YouTube clips to inspire writing etc.

By Aimsnapfall