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Reading Challenge with negative, positive scores & a wipeout

Reading Challenge with negative, positive scores & a wipeout

Enter the text of your choice into the box and then add the English of the TL in the text to the boxes underneath. Pupils read the text and then take it in turns to choose which English phrase they would like to find in the text (in the target language). If they are right, click on the phrase to reveal their team's score. There are positive, negative scores and a wipeout. Instructions are in the PowerPoint.

By kross

'Year of the Monkey' Themed Pack

'Year of the Monkey' Themed Pack

'Year of the Monkey' themed pack that includes a colourful sets of cut-out borders, bookmarks, banner, lined paper and page borders for your Chinese spelling games, drawing or any writing activities in the class and a set of alphabet and numbers. Great to use to teach alphabet recognition, spelling and phonetics for pupils learning English as a second language. They can also be used for creating beautiful wall displays, attractive posters and colourful bulletin boards.

By jinkydabon

Chinese Reading Report (150+)

Chinese Reading Report (150+)

This reading report is designed for learners who have learned around or over Chinese 150 characters. Use the reading report for daily or monthly reading activities, learners can build up a reading habit with the books they like. When reading, they can try to write down what is the book about, what they learn from the book as well as jot down the new vocabulary from the book. Learners can write down their names on the cover to create a sense of ownership of reading. They are encouraged to read the books they like, to write down the words they don't know, to record what they've learned from the book.

By chenlaoshi4chinese