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Hallo! - module 1- echo 1 textbook (Harry Potter themed)

Hallo! - module 1- echo 1 textbook (Harry Potter themed)

Whole two lessons aimed at introducing year 7 to German introductions and greetings as well wie geht's. This is the first of a series of Harry Potter themed lessons due to a whole school cross-curricular project. In this lesson they will have to guess Harry Potters film titles in other languages and they will be introduced to the magic world of Harry Potter in German. Very exciting and a great way to engage pupils with German through a project-based approach!
KS2/3 German: Greetings.  Worksheet Selection.

KS2/3 German: Greetings. Worksheet Selection.

Five folders each containing 3 worksheets to support teaching of German greetings. The sixth item is a presentation linking to the online resources on which the worksheets are based (this file is available separately as a free resource, but is included here for convenience).
Back to School German First Lesson

Back to School German First Lesson

This lesson is designed as an introductory lesson. Ideal for the first lesson in September. It includes a German culture quiz and personal information vocabulary. To accompany the PowerPoint there are Loto cards and a worksheet. This resource is also available in French.
Greetings / How are you?

Greetings / How are you?

This is a complete lesson, designed to be taught alongside Echo Express which teaches students how to ask people how they are and how to tell people how they are in German.
End of term puzzle for Stimmt 1 unit 1  Meine Welt

End of term puzzle for Stimmt 1 unit 1 Meine Welt

This is a tarsia puzzle to practise vocab from chapter 1 in Stimmt 1. A tarsia consists of puzzle pieces that the students cut out and then match words to form a certain shape (ideally students don’t know what shape that is). They will quickly realise their mistakes if the puzzle won’t fit together. Great activity for Friday afternoons, cover lessons or end of term This download includes: sheets for students with jumbled up puzzle pieces, an answer sheet for the teacher in list form and one showing the shape. If the print quality of the student slide isn’t good enough, use the attached pdf file.
Emoji Adjectives

Emoji Adjectives

Two resources on adjectives based around emojis. One is a table where pupils must use a dictionary to find the adjectives and the second is a crossword puzzle for them to fill in. There is also a bonus verb word search in the puzzle Enjoy!
German lesson and resources - Emotions and Feelings

German lesson and resources - Emotions and Feelings

This is a plan and resources for a beginner's German lesson to use with KS2 or KS3. It would be perfect to use as a second German lesson, after children have learnt to say hello. The focus in this lesson is how to ask 'how are you' and reply. The plan gives details of a starter, how to teach the 'feelings' vocabulary, a speaking and listening activity, paired game, reading/writing activity and plenary. It is highly interactive and allows children to practise a range of language skills. All resources needed for the lesson are included in the price. These are: The plan A PowerPoint presentation 2 sheets of resources for the speaking activity Pairs game Reading/Writing activity