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Language Flashcards: Key greetings from 26 languages.

Language Flashcards: Key greetings from 26 languages.

This set of language flashcards explores key greetings in the 26 most commonly spoken languages in the world. The greetings that they teach are: Hello Goodbye Thank you Please Sorry Yes No Including on the flashcards are flags of countries where each language is spoken and facts about that language. The languages are: English Spanish Portuguese German French Mandarin Hindi Bengali Punjabi Urdu Persian Marathi Vietnamese Cantonese Korean Malay Swahili Japanese Javanese Russian Tamil Turkish Arabic Italian Hausa Telugu There are many uses for this with your students. My students enjoy taking a card each week and answering the register with a greeting in their chosen tongue. They could also be used as a class 'language of the week'; as a multi-cultural display; or as part of a geography project. I hope you find them helpful!