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GCSE Maths Starters Pack

GCSE Maths Starters Pack

This pack includes resources which are ideal to use at the start of lesson to get pupils engaged and motivated. In the pack is a simple addition starter which is great for group-working, a set of 8 thought-provoking probability starters (covering the topics of tree diagrams, sample space diagrams, probability scales, relative frequency and listing outcomes) to get students thinking in a different way and a set of questions which cover the essential skills pupils need at GCSE Maths: working with fractions, decimals and percentages, area and perimeter of 2-D shape and multiplication.
Statistics: Probability BUNDLE (5 lessons)  perfect for KS3/KS4

Statistics: Probability BUNDLE (5 lessons) perfect for KS3/KS4

All lessons include starters, activities, worksheets, answers, lesson objectives etc... everything you need !! Lesson 1 - Probability Scale Lesson 2/3 - Theoretical Probability (2 Lessons) Lesson 4 - Relative Frequency Lesson 5 - Monopoly Lesson (Function/Fun Lesson) Lesson 6 - Tree Diagrams (with and without replacement) NOTE: Feel free to browse my shop for more excellent free and premium resources and if you do purchase then please remember to rate and feedback as it is really helpful, thanks.
Hi-Lo game

Hi-Lo game

Hi-Lo game for 1 or 2 players. Can choose whether to allow repeated digits or not. (Other resources on the site are aimed at younger children, but the pairs and squares games are a bit of fun for any age group.)