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End of Year Summer Fun Activities

End of Year Summer Fun Activities

78% saving! Take the pressure off you and your students with a range of fun activities for the end of year. Quizzes, colouring, visuals and more. Enjoy the hols when they arrive!

By StartEducation

ESL summer camp songs and indoor games collection

ESL summer camp songs and indoor games collection

This resource is a collection of songs and games suitable for use at an ESL summer camp, or any summer camp. It consists of 5 pages of song words (some with actions) gleaned from the Internet and camp experience, as well as 7 pages of games instructions for indoor games (although many could be played outside as well). The objective of these activities is to get the children talking and using English in a fun way without being aware of doing so. Most of the songs and games could be used in an English-first-language environment very successfully.

By mbrizz

Writing V Tone (GCSE Skills: Transactional Writing)

Writing V Tone (GCSE Skills: Transactional Writing)

This lesson starts with an engaging visual activity that engages students with the concept of tone in art before then asking them to apply this thinking to some literary extracts. The lesson continues to draw on the DIRT strategy to improve and assess work and establish success criteria for using the right tone when writing an article. This is an excellent revision lesson to refine techniques for writing Transactional Writing pieces for the GCSE exams.

By joannammarsh

Science Week Bundle

Science Week Bundle

A collection of science themed resources and activities that you might enjoy for British Science Week. Please leave me a review and I will send you any other resource of your choice for free (contact me: Check out my other resources at my shop: Let me know if you have any resource requests and I will tailor make a resource for you.

By sarah277