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Invention PPT Game DEMO ONLY

Invention PPT Game DEMO ONLY

Chinese Inventions: World Inventions This is a super fun and informative game that's all about different inventions from around the world. This is a condensed DEMO VERSION ONLY. So you can trial how it runs. A huge hit in class, the full version is a fun filled 45 minutes of frenzied discussion and debate as the students try to test their knowledge (or just guess) if the inventions come from China (with it's endless history of many famous inventions) or other countries from around the globe. Bonus questions and points test the students to the maximum. A great informative game with a fun factor to liven up any classroom. Whilst graded from grade 7- 10, it really is very general and can be used for younger and /or older students. • Choose a number • Choose if you think it's Chopsticks (Chinese invention) or Pop-Sticks (another countries invention) • read extra interesting points about that invention • Answer a bonus question for a bonus point This game touches on things such as • Nationalities (Hungarian, Canadian, Dutch, Russian and more) • China facts and trivia ( Previous name of Beijing, The 2 major rivers in China, The Last Emperor, Dynasties etc) • Country specific invention information and interesting facts (Rubik's Cube, White Chocolate, Toilet Paper, The Jet Pack, The Lawn Mower, Orange Carrots, Stethoscope, WiFi and many more • Inventors names and country information. See the screen video of the powerpoint game in action here on my youtube page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKXaf4j9osU&list=PLP_xsoFOetKjXGwPG2ZjmJDClSD2nXGVk This PPT is designed using Microsoft Office 2013. If you are worried about the compatibility of your Microsoft Office version, you can download the official Free PowerPoint Viewer with which it works wonderfully.