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Sample unit for using drones in class

Sample unit for using drones in class

A sample unit for using drones in class - the ppt explains how we use drones in our school - we create ideas for a problem that a drone could solve in Nearpod. These designs are then planned on paper and prototyped in Tinkercad. The final version is printed using our 3D printers. We then use Tynker to program the drones. Also included are some introductory skills that you can build with your classes when they fly the drones - theres one for getting them to land the drone on a target board, and take a photo of the ‘Reconnaissance’ board and return to base. You can use the Score Card template if you want to turn it into a competitive team challenge. Take a look at my other resources if you enjoyed these - whole units are included for App Development and Animation, as well as resources for using Adobe Illustrator etc