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Number of the Day display

Number of the Day display

This includes a cloud for your number and 12 cards with the instructions: - Write it - Draw it - How many: Hundreds, Tens, Ones - Add 19 - Add 100 - Subtract 10 - Double it - Halve it - Round it to the nearest 10 - Round it to the nearest 100 - Add 50 - Subtract 19 I will be laminating these cards to allow the children to write the answers on daily.

By lauratomlinsonbell

Place Value mastery materials - Year 1 - counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10

Place Value mastery materials - Year 1 - counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10

39 pages of Year 1 activities for teaching, practising and applying counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10. The 'learn' pages take you through a concrete, pictorial and abstract learning journey for children learning the new skill. The 'practise' pages give plenty of opportunities to practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s in different contexts to help embed their learning. Finally, the 'apply' pages give children the opportunity to apply their knowledge, use reasoning and practise problem solving to reach full mastery of the curriculum objective over the course of the year.

By Katharine7

Math Scavenger Hunt Activity: Years 4 and 5

Math Scavenger Hunt Activity: Years 4 and 5

Get your class engaged with math from the very start of the year with this exciting outdoor math scavenger hunt activity for years 4 and 5 (Grades 3 and 4). It’s also a fantastic way to assess what your class have remembered over their summer break. It’s a hassle free resource with minimum prep, designed to engage students with a wide range of learning styles. This pack contains 12 task cards that cover the following areas: - Shape - Measuring - Multiplication - Division - Estimation - Symmetry - Fractions - Ratio My class had great fun in the outdoors while learning and recapping their skills. A fantastic lesson when the sun in shining! Contents - Teacher’s Guide - 2 x Answer Sheets For The Children To Complete - 12 x Task Cards Top Tip: Laminate your cards so they can be used time and time again!

By adamjharvey245

Multiplications - Year 2, Key stage 1

Multiplications - Year 2, Key stage 1

In this lesson, learners will be able to recall multiplication facts for the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables. They will also be able to solve problems involving multiplication, using materials, arrays, repeated addition, mental methods, and multiplication, including problems in contexts Lesson can be used as whole class teaching by teachers and at home by learners. Lots of drag and drop activity with instant feedback. To access online choose the multiscreen.html file. To access offline choose the swf file. Contains 43 Interactive pages

By skoolmaths

Arithmetic Tests for Year 4 Autumn Term 1

Arithmetic Tests for Year 4 Autumn Term 1

This resource is for Year 4 and covers the arithmetic objectives from the 2014 National Curriculum. It is differentiated in 6 levels and builds on skills from the whole of Year 3 and Year 4 Autumn Term 1. Find more Arithmetic resources here: https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/search/?fwp_topic=arithmetic

By ClassroomSecrets

Lower Key Stage 2-  Numeracy Super Saver!

Lower Key Stage 2- Numeracy Super Saver!

20 files, each containing a huge array of detailed, differentiated Numeracy plans, Powerpoints, homework, key vocabulary, games, puzzles, display posters and much more, designed to engage a variety of different learners. This super saver pack covers: shape, space, measure, puzzles, problem solving, calculating, written methods, data handling, factors, fractions, time, times tables, Numeracy starters and revision! A way to fire up your lessons, while maintaining a work/ life balance for yourself!

By kep1987