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Weakest Link Scattegories Game for KS1/KS2/EAL and ESL learners!

Weakest Link Scattegories Game for KS1/KS2/EAL and ESL learners!

This is a fun weakest link style Scattegories game which can be used to help use and develop vocabulary skills and as a way of building teamwork skills in your classroom. This lesson was originally used for EAL learners but can be adapted easily for KS1/KS2 classes as categories/rounds can be changed where needed. Worksheets are also provided and can be modified where needed to make sure learners have help. You can also quickly add further rounds where needed or modify the existing ones to make them more challenging. A lesson plan is provided and the lesson should run for at least 45 minutes.

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4 worksheets - 3 of these require learners to label pictures using positional language (e.g. behind, in front, under etc) 1 worksheet requires learners to correctly label coloured flowers. Used for learners in autism provision but also suitable for mainstream KS1, EAL or older learners with SEN.

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Languagenut Lesson Plans & Resources - English / General - Unit 21 - Describing people and things

Languagenut Lesson Plans & Resources - English / General - Unit 21 - Describing people and things

Languagenut.com is a dynamic and engaging language learning resource offering a variety of games and activities to help students learn a foreign language, as well as an innovative tracking tool so teachers can set homework and monitor progress. These free lesson plans and resources are designed to help teachers get the most out of Languagenut. Each unit pack includes: - 7 engaging lesson plans (one for each 10-word section, plus a revision/sentence-building lesson for the end of the unit), written by qualified teachers and covering all 4 key skills - Ideas for adapting each lesson to suit your class, including extension activities, suggestions for differentiation, homework activities and substitutions for low-tech classrooms - Full timings and guidance for teachers to help you access all the resources easily - Printable resources to complement the lessons and save you time This unit pack is for Languagenut's Unit 21 - Describing people and things, covering descriptions, hairstyles, patterns, colours and quantities. These lessons are designed to be used for teaching English as a foreign language, but can also be adapted for any language as the Languagenut curriculum has the same structure across languages. Looking for French, German or Spanish lesson plans? Check out our custom resources and plans for these languages, including specific teacher notes on grammar points for non-specialists!

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