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KS1 Dreamcatchers - Forest School

KS1 Dreamcatchers - Forest School

This was done in Forest School with a Year 2 class (they are half completed in the accompanying photo). We also read "The Crow's Tale" which is a Native legend with a nice moral and lovely pictures. Included are: Detailed Lesson Plan Examples (I printed these and stuck them on card to pass around in the forest) Dream Catcher History (to read to the class) Instructions on how to make a net (We didn't make proper nets with Year 2 but this could be used with older children)

By CreativeClass13

Aboriginal Story-Wayamba the Turtle

Aboriginal Story-Wayamba the Turtle

This Aboriginal story (language group unknown) is a creation story about turtles. It is in PowerPoint format. Use this story to provide an Aboriginal perspective in literacy. The title slide references the source of the story. The final slide provides a link to an animated version of the story of Wayamba (Wayambeh). Compare representations of the story. Ask students to make their own representation.

By martinesmith81



RESOURCES INCLUDE: Interactive White Board Presentation – covering all the key facts about the country – such as history, geography, language, landmarks, tourism etc, scenes photo pack, food flashcards, animal flashcards and facts posters A4, sharks flashcards, alphabet flashcards, famous Australia people information and photo pack, long banner to head display, large lettering, display borders, extra large monument to make of the opera house for display, long banner ‘animals of Australia ‘, key word cards, Bunting with local colours, flags and lettering for display, flag tasks, maps and map tasks, number flashcards on flags, open and closed sign for airport, departure board with common words and letters, common phrases flashcards, photo posters pack, ordinal numbers flashcards, animal silhouettes, aboriginal art posters, A4 flags from around the world, design a surfboard task, make a poster, quiz, card matching game, passport and luggage to fill in, throwing game, shop task, jumping game, lunchbox task, animal colouring pages, sorting activity, drawing activities, treasure hunt game, Anzac biscuit recipe, tour guide badges, reward chart, postcard template, several animal poems with matching face masks and hand puppets, word search, size ordering task, story board, aeroplane photos, bingo game, hand writing sheets, counting lesson starters, writing frames and booklet cover, etc.

By hayleyhill