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Worksheet for pupils to find the missing internal angle of triangles, when 2 of the angles are given. The angles are NOT accurately measured! If this were the case then the worksheet would be useful in teaching pupils how to measure angles. Rather, the worksheet is designed to teach pupils that the internal angles of a triangle equal 180 degrees, and how to use that knowledge to find a missing angle.

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Missing angles in triangle

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CreatedMay 15, 2011
UpdatedJun 9, 2014

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    user avatarsfreck3 months agoReport

    Great, thanks!

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    user avatarmroberts902 years agoReport

    Good for practising finding missing angles - I also moved the angle values inside the triangles and also bracketed the question numbers to clearly separate from the diagrams. Saved A LOT of time so thank you!

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    user avatarlabrador23 years agoReport

    A good sheet for revision - thanks for sharing.

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    user avatartkb19623 years agoReport

    Very useful resource I too have used it many times. Thankyou

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    A good resource that was easily amended to fit the children's needs. A good level of challenge for the children, making them apply their knowledge of angles on straight line etc.

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