Grade 12 Common Core English Lesson Plans | The Pearl: Critical Perspectives

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This unit is centered on John Steinbeck’s The Pearl. I’ve used a UbD format for the unit plan, which I’ve been tinkering with over the past few years in order to address CCLS. My junior and senior ELLs (mostly in the US for around 2 years) always love this novella and the essential questions with which it grapples. I posted lessons and materials on reading and analyzing The Pearl under a separate resource, and those lessons were taught prior to these.


  • Unit Overview - The Pearl.docx
  • The Pearl - Unit Objectives.docx
  • The Pearl – Scope and Sequence.docx
  • Lesson plans for a Marxist perspective on The Pearl.docx
  • Lessons - The Feminist Perspective.docx
  • Anticipation Guide.docx
  • Lessons on Writing the Argumentative Essay.docx
  • Rate that Thesis Statement.docx
  • Advanced ELLs - claims.docx
  • Intermediate ELLs - claims.docx
  • Beginning ELLs - claims.docx
  • Writing a Counterclaim Paragraph.docx
  • My Conclusion.docx

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