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Sian Evans
04th October 2017
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Hand-picked resources to help you assess your pupils' subject knowledge this term

Whether quickly testing fact retention, or challenging your students’ to write a balanced argument, checking that your class understand what they have been taught is a vital part of teaching. To support you in identifying the progress your pupils are making, we’ve selected some time-saving topic-specific assessments, resource packs and preparation activities.

KS3 resources

Ask your students to confirm in writing that they understood the events of 1066 with this well-structured lesson, which contains three clear tasks to prepare them for an assessment. Alternatively, test your budding Medievalists with this comprehensive Black Death assessment

Examine your class’ ability interpret primary and secondary sources about the slave trade with this detailed resource pack, complete with information on how to analyse sources and writing frameworks. Challenge older learners with this self-explanatory Holocaust assessment, designed to give students the opportunity to show their understanding, use of correct terminology and writing skills.

Why did William win the Battle of Hastings?

Assessment lesson preparation for pupils writing an essay answering 'Why did William win the Battle of Hastings?' - can be used as ICT based lesson or non ICT based - both versions below.
By alainechristian

KS3 History: Impact of the Black Death Assessment

Impact of the Black Death assessment.
Resources available:
peer marking sheet
marking codes available to reduce marking
By charlottehistory2014

Source Utility Assessment: Slave trade

All the resources required for a slavery assessment, simply select a range of sources appropriate for your class. (Includes: mark scheme reflection sheet, writing frame and PowerPoints.) Objectives: All pupils will be able to select relevant sources to use for their essay. Most pupils will be able to make a link between source provenance and the sources usefulness. Some pupils will be able to create an argument in support of the evidence.
By ccking

Y9 Holocaust Assessment with Level Descriptors

Fairly self-explanatory assessment about the Holocaust with questions allowing the students to show their skills in different areas of the attainment targets (evidence, key words, subject knowledge and writing skills). For feedback just highlight the relevant sections of the mark scheme and allow students to set their own targets based on this.
By supercobi

KS4 and post-16 resources

Ease new GCSE students into writing more complex essays with this help sheet and peer-assessment chart, specifically based on assessing pupils’ comprehension of Roman and Medieval medicine. Or, why not use this simple test to find out how much students have understood about the causes of the French Revolution?

Alternatively, make sure that learners have understood the origins of the Cold War, and which nations were at fault, by completing this summary sheet. Finally, pick from one of four comprehensive assessments on Nazi Germany and use these questions to help students practise how to explain their subject knowledge in a style that suits the exam paper.

Essay Help Sheet and Peer Assessment Sheet

Medieval Medicine, Medical Training, Medicine Through Time, Peer Assessment, Self Assessment
By DanielWillcocks

Causes of the French Revolution Revision test

Just a short simple test on some of the causes of the French Revolution.
By funfaith

Cold War Origins

Students use the summary sheet on the wartime conferences (and the internet) to fill in the table and to make an assessment on who was most to blame for the conflict.
By jcoller

4 Assessments on Nazi Germany

These are four assessments that I have prepared to assess the knowledge of my students on the topic of Nazi Germany. They are created out of past exam papers, exam-like questions out of my head / book and some internet research. They were designed to gradually train them on how to correctly answer the questions and made it simple for me to check as in some case I just had to circle the missing point!
By madsheep_123

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