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Helen Beevers
21st November 2018
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Resources to support and develop children's reading comprehension skills

With lots of different spellings and sounds to learn, young pupils have a lot to contend with when it comes to learning to read, and showing their understanding can be especially tricky. So to make things a little easier, we have gathered together some resources that will help students show their comprehension in a clear and simple way.

Reading comprehension resources

Phonic Comprehension Worksheets KS1 (Yr 2)

Here are my first few attempts at making comprehension texts for my Literacy set. They are simple stories that I have written or extended from others that I have read. Some have phonic sound focuses and include phase 5 words. They are the original versions but can be adapted by reducing the content of the story and altering the question style. I have used these with my year 2s and as there is a fair range of ability in the class I have adapted them accordingly. Please rate and review them, any feedback or suggestions for improvement would be most appreciated too! :)
By PandaPop25

KS1 and Early Years English Reading Comprehensions

This pack contains 30 close reading comprehensions and questions that are suitable for Reception to Year 2 depending on the ability of your students.

There are a range of comprehensions that gradually get harder and require the students to read and answer more questions as they progress through each comprehension. The initial comprehensions are simpler and have 3 questions and build up to more complex passages with 9 questions by the final comprehensions.

These are great to use for whole class activities, guided reading, or both independent and supported work or homework.

These are based on the reading outcomes from the National Curriculum for Year 1 and 2.

Please note these are not the same as my 10 Early Years reading comprehensions. These are more complex.

Suitable for Year 1 and 2 and lower KS2 for lower ability students.

See my shop for more resources

By Top Marks Teaching Resources

Phonics Comprehension Skills Book

242 Page phonics spelling and reading workbook! SEE VIDEO PREVIEW.

Based upon the teaching order in Jolly Phonics (but could be used alongside any phonics scheme) and using suggested words from the suggested word lists, - covering ALL 42 sounds in the English language.
Beginning with group 1 sounds, and logically and sequentially building to cover all blends, digraphs, trigraphs and dipthongs in English.

For each sound, blend, digraph, trigraph or diphthong there are 5 or 6 pages:

  • Add the blend or digraph to the word and connect to the matching picture
  • Clear clip-art (black and white - perfect for colouring) labeling page using 9 carefully chosen example words/clip-art
  • followed by a fun read and draw page
  • Write the blend or digraph and read the words with the aid of sound buttons and lines under each grapheme.
  • Find, highlight and write the words containing each specific blend (or digraph, trigraph etc.)
  • then a cloze page of decoadable sentences which have been carefully sequenced to progressively incorporate words that are consistent with the letters and corresponding phonemes that have been taught to the new reader/speller in previous pages of the book (plus sight words)

Could be made into a 242 page workbook, or of course individual pages can be printed off and photocopied.
(I have uploaded two versions of the book - the original 168 page standard version, and a 242 extended version)

Perfect for beginner readers and spellers.
Also great for EAL students to help build vocabulary alongside reading and spelling skills.
Made by an experienced​ phonics teacher, and used in real classrooms weekly.

Updated January 2019

(All clip-art are royalty-free, public domain images, largely from,,, etc.)

By barang

Reading skills (Simple Comprehension)

These worksheets are very useful for teaching comprehension skills and cloze procedure. There are also some vocabulary exercises.
By coreenburt

Reading Comprehensions with Questions (KS1)

Included in this download
-15 Reading Comprehensions. One comprehension per A4 page. Questions included. Can be used in class or as homework tasks.
- differentiated reading comprehensions typically for KS1/lower KS2.
The comprehensions can be read to the children and/or they can read alone.
These can be used as part of a creative writing task, reading task- closed or guided and/or listening test.

For children that are able to answer questions – questions are included. Should you decide not to use these, they can be cut off.

Comprehensions include but not limited to-

The Airport
The Astronaut
Big Bugs
Spots and Stripes
Furry Animals

By PollyPuddleduck

Non fiction Dinosaur Comprehension

Non Fiction text about Dinosaurs with questions used for comprehension homework. Please rate and review, any feedback or suggestions for improvement would be most appreciated too! :) For further comprehension texts please view and review my other resources :)
By PandaPop25

Year 1 Comprehensions - Dinosaurs - 3 Levels - Colour and Black & White

This resource contains 5 comprehension activities all about dinosaurs. They are suitable for using with year 1 or lower ability year 2.
They each contain a short piece of text with words that can be sounded out. There are three trickier words which have pictures to help children work out what they say.
The text is followed by 5 simple questions.

There are three differentiated levels. There is a colour and black & white version of each level.

There are five different topics:

  • What were dinosaurs?
  • Diplodocus
  • Triceratops
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • What happened to all the dinosaurs?

There is also a PowerPoint included in the pack containing a slide for each text from the middle ability so that you can go through the comprehensions before the children complete them. Each slide also contains 3 words that are trickier to sound out, with sound buttons underneath them. Answers are also included.

PDF file format.

You might also be interested in our Year 2 comprehensions on dinosaurs:

By Blossoming Minds

CVC Sentences for Reading Comprehension

CVC Sentences for Reading Comprehension includes 100 Task Cards. (20 task cards for each vowel sound, a, e, i, o, u)

This pack will have your students excited to practice reading, sounding out CVC Words, and comprehending what they are reading. Each task card displays 2 sentences. Students choose the sentence that matches the picture.

These task cards will help students read with fluency and practice comprehension. There are 20 Task Cards for each vowel sound (a, e, i, o, u). Different Recording Sheets have been included to fit your needs in the classroom.

Only a few sight words are used for each set of card. Use the sight word list to see if the set of task cards are right for your students. If students know the sight words listed and how to sound out 3 letter words, than this pack is perfect for your beginning readers!

An answer key is included to help distinguish pictures.

By teacherstakeout

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