Nurturing creativity in the EY classroom

5 of our favourite creative EY resources

Freya Smith

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Sparking children’s imaginations at a young age can have huge implications for their overall development. Creating a comfortable, fun and creative classroom environment encourages learners to have fun and play, all the while giving them the confidence to ask questions and form independent thoughts. Creative learning hinges on experimentation, and having the freedom to explore different colours, shapes, materials, and to play around with language.

We’ve scoured the site to find a selection of imaginative resources to help you cultivate a creative and positive learning environment.

  1. These creative workshop activity plans contain lessons on printing, making collages and painting, prompting pupils to explore colours and shapes, create their own designs and utilise all of their senses.
  2. You can brighten up your classroom or embellish your art corner with this colour splat display, which will help develop students’ colour recognition.
  3. This Teachers TV video looks at ways of building creativity into the curriculum through play, with activity ideas such as making puppet shows, dressing up and performing scientific experiments.
  4. Focus on developing and planning for your creative area with this detailed continuous provision pack (£1), which includes colourful displays, key vocabulary, observation questions and possible learning experiences.
  5. Support your arts and crafts teaching with this creative activity file, which contains a variety of engaging projects, with instructions on making tissue paper tropical fish, tie-dye t-shirts, mosaics and musical instruments.

Have we missed your favourite creative EY resource? Be sure to let us know by email.