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Explore primary maths schemes of work, for Years 1 to 6, written by the White Rose Maths Hub and Mathematics Mastery

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Enhance your maths planning with these interactive schemes of work for Years 1 to 6, written by mastery specialists

Regardless of whether you love or loathe teaching maths, making sure that you cover every key skill in an engaging way can be a challenge. Especially when you consider that the large proportion of your week is spent teaching it!

Luckily, help is at hand in the form of our in-depth schemes for Years 1 to 6. Not only are they aligned to the curriculum, but they’re also supported by quality-assured resources. What more could you want?

What do these schemes of work have to offer?

We’ve got two carefully crafted schemes for you to explore; one from the White Rose Maths Hub and the other from Mathematics Mastery. In both, you’ll find an overview page. This lists the individual parts of major topic areas, suggesting both the year group in which they should be tackled, as well as the order of teaching.

For a more general overview, you can also download a whole-school plan, arranged both by term and year.

What will I find on each topic page?

Each topic page contains a wealth of contextual information to help to kick-start your planning. The easy-to-digest summary includes general learning objectives and important mathematical terms. 

You’ll also discover a range of engaging resources, including everything from presentations to worksheets, which have been selected by mastery specialists.

How can I expand my subject knowledge further?

Alongside the topic summary, you’ll also find a downloadable booklet. This outlines expected progression in learning across the year groups. Whether you are frightened by fractions, terrified by times tables or riled by ratio and proportion, these guides are an ideal starting point for brushing up on subject knowledge, as well as exploring the mastery approach in more depth.

To extend your understanding across all primary topics, why not check out our dedicated professional development area?

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