Tes Maths ROTW: Question ideas pack

Craig Barton
02nd October 2017

Consolidate students' knowledge across a variety of topics using ideas from this adaptable question pack, from primaryideas1

What is it?

Looking to inspire some mathematical thinking in your pupils, but struggling to think of new and engaging questions?  Never fear, this handy booklet will help you do just that.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that this pack has been designed for primary students; its content is suitable for all ages. Full of example questions, each idea is followed by a detailed explanation outlining how it can be adapted across a variety of topics. Preparing for lessons has never been so simple!

How can it be used?

Questions like these are ideal for assessing learners’ understanding as part of an end-of-topic review, or as extension material.

I’d suggest displaying these ideas, or having them close at hand for some last-minute inspiration during planning. That way you can ensure your lessons will really get students thinking.

Craig Barton was speaking to Victoria Haughton. He is a secondary maths teacher in the north of England.

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