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Sian Evans
21st August 2017
A cover teacher in front of a class of primary school children

Ready-to-use lessons, activities and games to keep pupils motivated and challenged during cover lessons

Having a go-to collection of cover-friendly lesson ideas can be a lifesaver whether you’re a supply teacher or a teacher having to set work. To help you out, we’ve hand-picked resources across a range of subject areas, which are not only easy to deliver, but also engaging and full of ways to develop key skills.

Getting started

Make sure your first post of call is this hugely popular supply pack, covering different tried-and-tested activities for all subjects in all year groups.

Resources for younger learners

Practising essential skills is a simple way of establishing a sense of normality when a different teacher is leading a young class. Encourage pupils to develop reading and writing skills with these animal-themed comprehension sheets or challenge learners with this collection of reasoning-focused maths problems, complete with an answer sheet.

Ideal for a standalone lesson, this activity pack, containing a detailed plan, map and quick quiz, is ideal for introducing or recapping the continents and oceans of the world. Alternatively, use these planning outlines as a starting point to kick-start meaningful discussions about teamwork, friendship and gender roles.


Animal Reading Comprehensions for KS1

5 Animal Themed Reading Comprehensions.
Each comprehension is accompanied with Questions.
Students may use the template provided or cut and paste the Comprehension into their books.
Questiosn can be adapted for LA. This is pitched for MA/HA students.

Take a look at my FIRST READING COMPREHENSIONS for your LA.

By PollyPuddleduck

KS1 - WRMH Problems of the Day Compilation - 2017

This booklet contains over 40 reasoning and problem solving questions suitable for KS1 classes. These are the questions that we have been putting out each day in March 2017 on Twitter in the run up to SATS.

The answers are provided with some simple notes at the back of the booklet and for some questions supplementary questions and variation has been provided.

We hope to release more questions like this over the course of next year including some open ended problems. Please keep a look out for our work. If you have not seen our schemes and assessments for primary then please take a look at our website

As always we welcome any feedback on the work we are doing and the materials that we are releasing.

Thank you for taking an interest in our work.

The White Rose Maths Hub Team
By WRMaths

Continents and Oceans KS1 Lesson plan & Activities

A lesson plan, map, PowerPoint quiz and online games on the continents and oceans for KS1. Covers one of the Locational Knowledge objectives in the new 2014 Geography curriculum. You can find more planning and resources on the Save Teachers Sundays website.

By SaveTeachersSundays

Primary - KS1 - PSHE

Bank of 6 lessons for PSHE.
Areas covered:
Why should I be good?
Team work
Gender roles
Problem solving
Family conflict
By sheath19-308

Resources for older learners

Why not add a fun twist to English and maths lessons? Perfect for engaging older learners, this visually appealing presentation sets up a descriptive writing task about a brand-new superhero, which leads neatly into an art lesson. For refreshing tricky division skills, encourage students to work in pairs to play this simple board game, packed full of increasingly challenging questions.

With only paper and colouring pencils, this easy-to-deliver music lesson tasks pupils with designing a brand new instrument paying particular attention to how it will look and sound. For a bumper collection of ideas, look no further than this comprehensive resource pack, offering activities arranged by year group, subject and term.


Literacy / English lesson KS2 supply cover - superhero lesson with resources and flipchart

This is an engaging literacy lesson based on writing a superhero character description. It can be used across KS2. Perfect for a supply lesson where you have been left nothing. Leads on perfectly to an art lesson where you can then draw your character or as a follow up to an art lesson.
It can also be used (and tweaked) by class teachers to introduce a superhero story.

It includes:
* A flip chart (PowerPoint)
*Starter activity (embedded clauses)
*lesson plan
*success criteria
By andrewchown

Maths: Division Board Game

Suitable for paired work or bigger. Can be printed onto A3. Give each learner a counter and allow them to play. Great starter or plenary.
By baldwj

Quick and Easy Music Cover Lesson

A simple cover lesson for music when you're on a course or a poorly person! Only resources required are A4 plain paper and colouring pencils. Everybody's happy!
By lornylou99

Key Stage 2 supply pack ideas

20 pages of Y3 - Y6 supply ideas
By titan182

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