Using reward systems in the classroom

Encourage good behaviour in the classroom with this selection of reward system ideas

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Teacher using a Reward System to Recognise Good Behaviour

Encourage good behaviour and give pupils the recognition they deserve with this selection of practical ideas

Reward systems are one of the most effective ways of establishing a positive classroom environment, they promote good behaviour and incentivise students. So to help you with your search, we have hand-picked a selection of reward system resources you could use in the classroom.

Praise cards and certificates

Reward charts, stickers and tickets

Rewards - Praise Passport

Rewards - Praise Passport

An attractive ready to go rewards system, ideal for classroom use. Included is the passport and a supporting wall chart. Targets and rewards can be personalised to meet the needs of a student or class. Includes an editable version: edit to match existing or whole school rewards system. Wo...
Golden Tickets Reward

Golden Tickets Reward

For use in a raffle style reward system. The children earn golden tickets throughout the week then on Friday two tickets are drawn and those two children win a prize.