Using reward systems in the classroom

Victoria Haughton
22nd September 2017
Teacher drawing a smiley face to recognise good behaviour

Encourage good behaviour and give pupils the recognition they deserve with this selection of practical ideas

Reward systems are one of the most effective ways of establishing a positive classroom environment. They promote good behaviour and incentivise students, but constantly finding new ways to praise well-behaved pupils can be a struggle… until now! To inspire you we’ve hand-picked a selection of our favourite resources, designed to help you reward class angels and focus chatterboxes.

Promoting good behaviour

With the stresses of school life it’s easy to lose track of individuals’ behaviour. Remember to give praise when it’s due and quickly monitor any sanctions with the help of this simple visual aid, before encouraging students to track their own performance with this passport-themed tool.  

These visual reward jars are ideal for reinforcing good behaviour when teaching a whole class. Or if you’re looking for a more targeted approach, this innovative wall display will aid you in setting daily goals.

Point Based System

Teachers can use this as a visual aide when rewarding and sanctioning good and bad behaviour. Advantages Teacher can quickly assess how much praise v warnings they are given and who they have not said anything to, thus ensruing you are doing enough positive reinforcement. Students respond positively to a fair PBS. Easy to use and customise. Disadvantages Teachers must be willing to follow through with rewards and sanctions.
By rnilaweera

Rewards - Praise Passport

An attractive ready to go rewards system, ideal for classroom use.
Included is the passport and a supporting wall chart.

Targets and rewards can be personalised to meet the needs of a student or class.
Includes an editable version: edit to match existing or whole school rewards system.
Works as a teacher monitoring tool.
Acts as a behaviour incentive.
Visually attractive and easy to follow
Ideal with all age groups.

All reviews for our paid resources have received a 5/5 review (As of 17th January 2017)
By AcornTeachingResources

Back to School : Reward Jars-Behaviour Management

Back to School : Reward Jars-Behaviour Management

This PowerPoint Contains four reward jars to use with your pupils to positively reinforce good behaviour. A great Visual behaviour management strategy!

Simply press the right arrow key to add an item to the jar and the left arrow key to delete it.

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By TeachElite

Classroom and Behaviour Management Hot Skills

Hot Skills (or Specifically Observed Behaviour). An interchangeable wall display along with pages of possible behaviour targets for the class during the lesson or day. In addition, I have built in a positive reward system in the form of a smiley face and flame. Teacher's can put these on the tables of children that are working well .This can feed into any positive strategy already in place in the school. *Images downloaded from (like clip are). Fonts freely downloaded from All supplies are designed to be cut out and laminated. See pictures for use in classroom.
By KristopherC

Rewarding good behaviour

A little praise can go a long way, so why not acknowledge the efforts of your hard-workers with one of these colourful award tags? Alternatively, this pack of adaptable sticker designs is perfect for adding a personalised touch when recognising positive behaviour.

Up the stakes for your learners and introduce a little competitive edge to your rewards by arranging a contest. Motivate your class with a game of good behaviour bingo, or why not exchange classroom cooperation for the chance to win a prize in an end-of-week raffle?

Award Tags - A nice reward for good behaviour!

I made these after seeing something expensive to buy on an American website! These are great to print off and laminate if you can. Have a stash in your desk drawer and give them out for birthdays, star behaviour, kindness etc…

By slgrainger

Reward Stickers

These are adapted from a resource I found somewhere on the net some time ago. Just replace ‘Name’ with your own. My Year 4 class loved them last year. There is also a set of Frech stickers in the MFL section. This is the first time I have uploaded a resource so I hope it will be useful to someone. Topics also included: classroom display.

By jackieberry

Back to School : Reward Bingo

Back to School : Reward Bingo

This resource is meant to be printed out onto A3 paper and displays in the classroom. This can be used as a reward for excellent work. We usually allow pupils to choose their own number and write their name in the space provided. Once the two sheets are full numbers are chosen at random and rewards are issued to the lucky winners.
By TeachElite

Golden Tickets Reward

For use in a raffle style reward system. The children earn golden tickets throughout the week then on Friday two tickets are drawn and those two children win a prize.
By Charltrufit24

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