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Creative Task for 'Spanish Fiesta' Lesson Plan

Creative Task for 'Spanish Fiesta' Lesson Plan

Creative task for 'Spanish Fiesta' Lesson Plan. Get children active, creative and expressing themselves easily with this fun task. See our 'Planning' resource to understand how to build this into a dance session and buy our 'World in a Box' resource pack to access full lesson plans, templates, videos, music and props to quickly plan and lead dance sessions with KS1 & 2. Movema brings you World In A Box©, an engaging, timesaving resource for teachers and group leaders to deliver world dance and music activities, improving knowledge and skills across a range of subjects. World In A Box helps to achieve great results and can run alongside a school curriculum or can be adapted according to the needs of any group of young people. Inside the box you will find: 30 Shakers made of wood. 30 Scarves hand made from Sari material from India and Malaysia. A Globe Ball & pump to use for games and dance activities. A DVD showing dance moves and examples. A CD of the music from the DVD to use in your classes. A booklet containing corresponding lesson plans For Unit 1; ‘Dancing Around the World’ and Unit 2: ‘Journey Down the Amazon’, games, cultural information and more. A pen drive containing Unit 3 ‘Naach India’ lesson plans and music AND there are ONLINE links to further resources and lesson plans at www.movema.co.uk. World In A Box aims to unlock the creative potential of teachers and children at Key Stages 1 and 2 (ages 5-11), providing exciting and enriching learning experiences. There is no limit to creativity and each group or individual can use the resource to make something new. Get ready to embark on a journey where you will explore new places, see how other people live and gain an enriched understanding of cultures around the world. Included in this pack are all the resources needed to run sessions for a whole academic year. However, the possibilities are endless and you may be surprised that repeating an activity may result in something completely different each time. www.movema.co.uk © Movema 2017
Fairytale Roleplay Spanish Cinderella Drama

Fairytale Roleplay Spanish Cinderella Drama

Roleplay personal adaptation of the fairytale Cinderella (Cenicienta). Successful from KS1 to GCSE. Helps fluency, pronunciation and memory as well as improves confidence in Speaking . Through simple and effective structures students improve speaking skills rapidly and progress is evident as students add their own content through improvisation. Fun activity for all levels!