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An activity overview sheet for a 2 week topic on chocolate. Child led learning activities involving research, chocolate tasting, designing and creating own chocolate bar and researching where the ingredients used to make chocolate come from.
NCFE  Food and Cookery - Unit 2 - Understanding Food

NCFE Food and Cookery - Unit 2 - Understanding Food

This ’ bundle’ includes the following resources allowing successful completion of the Unit 2 , Understanding Food. Perfect for non-subject specialists or those looking to jump start this course with minimal planning snd creation of resources. Have used these resources successfully with our 2016/2017 and our current 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 cohorts. -Differentiated powerpoint and word document for each task in Unit 2 (questions matched to PASS, MERIT and DISTINCTION assessment criterions) . -Blank student template (on powerpoint) which is labelled with assessment criterion and also includes context overview (perfect for student submission checklists) -6 banks of recipes (including ingredients and equipment lists) for Pasta, Meat Dish, Pastry Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes, Main meal with rice and Fruit Dish recipes.
Cake Off 5/6 week Project

Cake Off 5/6 week Project

A Cake off Project designed to be run as an inter class team competition over 5/6 weeks with a final exhibition of finished cakes in the 5th week, includes powerpoint, publishers templates for folder and example folder as well as final mark sheet for each team of pupils