I have compiled the 100 words for the Schonell graded spelling test, for those that know; the tests will give you the student’s spelling age. What I have done is narrate the 100 words and saved them as mp3 audio files. The rar file below has all of the resources. http://www.fileserve.com/file/juD3atc/schonell spelling words.rar


  • schonell_spelling_test.doc
  • Schonell Graded Spelling Test Words and Sentences.doc
  • Schonell Graded Word Spelling Test .doc

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    user avatarshoppe2 years agoreport

    Yes it has a few errors, thank you for those who pointed them out. It is nonetheless a marvellous time saver! Thank you!

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    I've to use this this year. Can anyone tell me how you go about testing the 100 words? Surely they don't do a test with all 100 in one go? I have P6 so the majority could handle quite a portion of the 100, but definitely not near the full lot. Never mind the ones that struggle... but at the same time you can't stretch it out over weeks each time as technically it's not an accurate reflection if they get time to practise from the day they start the test to the day they finally get through it? I'm sure I'm just overthinking it but hopefully someone gets what I mean!

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    user avatarlucygomer2 years agoreport

    Useful. Interesting history.

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    Just a little niggle but no 83 broach is NOT brooch a decorative pin worn by women. to broach means to talk about/raise or mention (a difficult subject).
    e g broach. The girl found it difficult to broach the matter with her teacher.

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    user avatartomedsmith2 years agoreport

    sorry, but if my 18 month old child spelt one of these words correctly I would be extremely impressed. 18 correct to get a spelling age of 1 and a half? This is a ridiculous assessment, but a good list of spellings nonetheless.