Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Template

This is a 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' quiz to use as a whole class activity. The questions get harder the further in the quiz you get. I found it easy to split the class into their existing maths ability groups and then get them to work as an ability team to answer their set of questions. This does mean that the rest of the class are not required to answer, but by getting them to write the answers down on an individual whiteboard for their &'team&'; means they are not just sitting there unoccupied.


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  • Lishkon9 months agoReport

    Wow I have never thought it can be so easy and fun!!! Awesome! Thanks!

  • rua11sm10 months agoReport

    Adapting to French quiz , thanks ! I'm changing the colour scheme maybe !

  • A brilliant resources, easly adapted into a UK geography quiz

  • herney2 years agoReport

    This is fantastic, thank you!

  • Maxinedee2 years agoReport

    A brilliant resource that is easily adapted. Thank you. Good job

Jul 21, 2009
Aug 7, 2014

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