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Sian Evans
08th November 2018
History assessment test classroom

Hand-picked resources to help you assess your pupils' subject knowledge this term

Whether quickly testing fact retention, or challenging your students to write a balanced argument, checking that your class understand what they have been taught is a vital part of teaching. To support you in identifying the progress your pupils are making, we’ve selected some time-saving topic-specific assessments, resource packs and preparation activities.


Holocaust Assessment

This is an assessment I use at the end of a year 9 unit looking at the significance of the Holocaust. All you need is some A3 sheets for the pupils and the worksheets attached.
By dhartley25

KS3 History: Impact of the Black Death Assessment

Impact of the Black Death assessment.
Resources available:
peer marking sheet
marking codes available to reduce marking
By charlottehistory2014

Slavery Assessment

The assessment is targeted at year 8 and follows a unit on the transatlantic slave trade.

The assessment is broken down into the assessment objectives used at KS4.
By sparker89

Castles Assessment

This assessment draws conclusion to the Year 7 topic of castles.

The assessment is interpretations based (new AQA spec) and wholly GCSE style questions. This resource includes the student question booklet/materials and support materials are included as well as the mark scheme (which can be customised if necessary to suit your schools flightpath models).

Please review if downloaded! I hope this is helpful for you in your lessons!

By mrshopehistory


AQA History Interpretation USA assessment

This includes assessment for the new style questions 1 - 3 (and Q4 to bring the paper out of 20).
2 interpretations on women are offered and the 3 new style questions to accompany.

In addition the paper also incorporates a feedback and review lesson helping students (and teachers convert grades to the new 1 - 9 grades based on percentages. This is the grading system we have created for the use in my history dept. It also offers a conversion back to old levels and old lettered GCSE grades to help students understand their new grades better.

Also attached is an alternative assessment I used with my Y9s which asks students to answer Q4 & 5 style questions.

The assessment is for students who have been studying Paper 1D AQA new spec - economic boom and the roaring 1920s.

By mrshopehistory

Edexcel GCSE Superpower Relations & Cold War. The Narrative Question!

This lesson teaches the skills required for the Narrative Question, paper 2. Students begin by looking at the mark scheme. In pairs they create a list of 3 top exam tips. They are then introduced to two Question 2 style exam questions. They work their way through a series of differentiated steps before writing up a response to one of the questions (the other can be set as a homework or as a starter for the next lesson). There are some sample responses that the students can mark and comment on (editable so that you can change depending on your groups ability range). Once they have done this there is opportunity for them to develop their answer before a bit of peer assessment. The lesson concludes with the students refining their exam tips set out in the starter activity. A structure strip and worksheet included. for the structure strip, I make the double-sided (cut out the literacy support and stick it to the back of the strip). I hope people find this lesson useful.
By PlanMyLesson .

Edexcel Weimar and Nazi Germany Assessments (9-1)

Assessments and Markschemes. Feedback lessons also included for 2 of the 3.
By Lcu

KS4 - History GCSE - Elizabeth England Topic 2 Assessment, How To and Markscheme

This lesson contains a PPT that overviews how students should approach 4, 12 and 16 mark questions and also some general Exam How To advice. The assessment and student friendly markscheme are linked specifically to Edexcel, 9-1 Elizabethan England Key Topic 2. Used as an end of topic assessment and review.
By HistoryTeacherToday

Whole School 

History Assessment Without Levels, Key Stage 3

Assessment criteria for Years 7, 8 and 9.
GCSE specification skills have been consulted and broken down to create assessment criteria for Key Stage 3 students. Many hours of hard work!
Can easily be adapted to suit your school if necessary.
By ekch23

Humanities (Geography & History) Assessment Objectives for Grades 1-9 at KS3

This is a work in progress and has been created through collaboration with a number of teachers from both geography and history as part of online collaboration.

Criteria may well change once the new GCSE grade descriptors are produced fro Geography and History but this is a starting point for others in the blue.

This isn't definitive and is just an outline for assessment until greater detail has been provided by exam boards.
By Victoria1987

GCSE HISTORY Edexcel (1-9) How to answer all types of exam question (Papers 1-3).

After 2 years teaching the new specification, I have developed these student friendly posters/mats/handouts which will allow students to structure and understand the demands of each type of question for each of the 3 exam papers.

—Each contains example sentence starters using the P.E.E.L appraoch.
—Source based questions for Paper 1 and 3 also have an additional poster.
—Also includes a GCSE literacy sheet with sentence starters and general rules - I have successfully used this with KS3 students.
—I personally teach Elizabeth, AW, C&P and Germany and these have been illustrated with example questions. However, I have another ‘blank’ set which you can add to with your own unit title.

—On the last slide, I have included 4 sheets which can then be copied onto A3 and laminated for the students if needed.

Hopefully these will save people a lot of time and most of all be useful for your students.

By RAResources

Exam Feedback Sheet / Marking Grid - Conflict and Tension - AQA History GCSE Assessment

**AQA GCSE History Paper 1 - Section 2 - Conflict and Tension **

This marking grid can be used for any of the Conflict and Tension topics for AQA:
The First World War 1894-1918
The Interwar Years 1918-1939
The Cold War 1945-1972
Asia 1950-1975

An easy marking grid for mock exam marking to provide feedback to students. Allows the teacher to give specific feedback for each question - specifically providing feedback on why they have achieved the mark they have and a target to improve their marks.

There is space to write feedback as well as providing a DIRT activity and total marks, SPaG and Grade.

By Miss Williams

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