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Sian Evans
08th June 2018
trophy to reward students for good behaviour

Ready-to-use resources to help you to reflect on and reward good behaviour at the end of the academic year

With the summer break in sight, it's an ideal time to reflect on how hard your class have worked this year and reward their efforts before they move on. Not only will this wrap up the end of the year on a positive note, but it can also boost self-esteem and motivate learners to work hard in the future.

Give your classes the recognition they deserve with these hand-picked resources, from individual acknowledgements to fun, whole-class activities.

Individual rewards

Handing out certificates is a simple way of celebrating hard work, effort and commendable character traits. This collection of sailor-themed certificates are great for primary pupils, containing 70 editable, visually appealing awards. Alternatively, get your class to nominate their peers for one of these colourful certificates.

For a more practical reward, these celebratory bookmarks can be personalised, laminated and used beyond the classroom. Finally, the end of the year is the perfect time to send a positive message home by using this editable postcard template.


Student End of Year Awards: Sailing Theme

These 70 fun awards could be used to reward your students for their hardwork, efforts and character traits. Blank templates are also provided if you want to make your own award.

The awards come with a boy and girl version.

The file is in power point version and the awards are saved in PNG format.

To edit names, awards, and date, use “INSERT TEXT BOX” and type on the insert box to add your text.

The awards can be printed out in black and white or in gray scale. Just adjust the colour settings of your printer to black & white or gray scale.

Awards include:

1. King/Queen of Attendance award
2. Picasso award
3. Ps & Qs award
4. Early Bird award
5.Amaze-balls attitude award
6. Sports Phenom award
7. Rockstar King/Queen award
8. Academy award
9. Super Speller award
10. Shakespeare award
11. Pitch Perfect award
12. Kindness award
13. Captain of the ship award
14. Thomas Edison Junior award
15. Math Mastermind award
16. Most Patient award
17. Steve Jobs Junior award
18. Perfect Penmanship award
19. Sight Word Whiz
20. Most Improved award
21. Terrific Team Player award
22. Steve Irwin Junior award
23. Junior Masterchef award
24. Phonics Phenom award
25. Ray of Sunshine award
26. Peacekeeper award
27. Captain Planet award
28. Entertainer of the Year award
29. Social Studies Scholar award
30. Class Cheerleader award
31. Heart of Gold award
32. Fantastic Tutor award
33. Marvellous Motivator award
34. Stellar Storyteller award
35. Dancing Dude award
36. Dancing Diva award
37. Cheerful Helper award
38. Outstanding Organizer award
39. The Flash award
40. Light Bulb award
41. Energizer Bunny award
42. Curious George award
43. Awesome Bookworm award
44. Boys/Girl Scout award
45. Remarkably Responsible award
46. Hero of Honesty award
47. Active Listener award
48. Social Butterfly award
49.Homework Hero award
50. Mr./Miss Cool award
51. Teacher’s Right Hand award
52. Above & Beyond award
53. Fashionable Boy/Girl award
54. Sweet As Honey award
55. Vocabulary Master award
56. Positive Participant award
57. Academic Superstar award
58. Grammar Wizard award
59. Sensational Sharer award
60. Impressive Informant award
61. Perfectly Persuasive award
62. Hallway Master award
63. Word Work Whiz award
64. Exceptional Explainer award
65. Excellent Example award
66. Remarkable Reporter award
67. Safety Superhero award
68. Totally Tidy award
69. Best Bus Rider award
70. Line Up Leader
By A Plus Learning

End of Year Classroom Award Certificates

End of year classroom award certificates! Included in this product are 23 unique award certificates to recognise achievements at the end of the year. There is a voting card included so you can have students vote on the winners or choose them yourself. Each award has different titles and wording so that everyone gets their own special congratulations.

There is also a banner with these awards in case you would like to display them before the children take them home.

If you would like a type of certificate that is not included, please message me, and I would be happy to add it for you!

Thanks for looking

Please remember to leave feedback, for updates and promotions you can also follow me here

Some of my other products:

Anchor Chart Bundle Pack
Behaviour Club Booklet
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By The Ginger Teacher

End of Year Class Bookmarks

These are the personalised bookmarks I created for my class last year. They still have the children's names and personalised messages on so that I could give you a flavour of what I wrote to them. I simply laminted them and cut them out and the children absolutely loved them. Very cheap at the end of the year too.
By claire.tunnicliffe

Editable Positive Postcard/Note Home

These are editable MS Word based positive notes you can print off and send home. I usually print two to a page, hence the identical two pages given. I hope you find these useful! I think I found the basis of the postcard as a 'star of the day&' resource somewhere on the web but I can&';t remember where so thanks and acknowledgements to that resource contributor.
By so_called_chaos

Whole class rewards

After recognising individual achievements, give young learners a break from the curriculum and with these engaging end-of-year games, including freeze dancing, word games and finger aerobics. Meanwhile, older students will love the challenge of answering this bumper end-of-year quiz in teams as they recap the major events of the year.

Why not set aside a whole day to reward your hard-working pupils? From taking small groups to events outside of school to in-class craft, filmmaking or musical activities, this resource pack provides a detailed proposal and presentation for organising a fun-filled day. Plus, take the time to reflect on the great achievements of the year with this fun reflection game.


End of Year Quiz

This resource is a fully editable and highly visual 100-question PowerPoint end of year quiz. It is an ideal resource for an assembly, a lesson or with a tutor group. The quiz contains 100 questions, most contain multiple choice answers, with varying degrees of challenge on:

General knowledge
Famous People Picture Quiz
TV and Film
Picture Round

The quiz can be administered in a variety of ways - to individuals or teams. The answers can be found by clicking on the question mark image on each slide. Answers can be given either as you go through the quiz or at the end. An answer sheet is provided to allow individuals/teams to record their answers.

This resource is also suitable for SEN students due to the multiple choice format.

More Quizzes

Thinking of publishing your own resources or already an author and want to improve your resources and sales? Check out this step-by-step guide:

How to Become a Successful TES Author: Step-by-Step Guide
By Krazikas

Behaviour Management Reward Day Whole School

This is a proposal and a powerpoint used to introduce the concept of a whole school reward day to award the well behaved pupils in the school and to encourage positive behaviour.
By Miss R

End of the Year Reflection Game - interactive, engaging and fun!

End of the Year Jenga style hands-on reflection game.

​Here's a really unique and fun idea to reflect on the academic year as a whole group or small group, where you can really bond with your students and be assured that everyone will have a blast!

This end of year reflection activity uses the concept of the game Jenga where students build a tower and remove pieces stacking them on top whilst trying to not knock the tower over or to build the tallest tower! The set used in this activity is simply adorable isn't it, and each activity is colour coded to coincide with the set.

This end of year reflection game can be used in 4 different ways to suit your budget, needs, resources and preference so it's really versatile! I have also included both colour and mono versions of each set which you can print onto coloured paper instead to make it more ink friendly for you.

There is also a digital, interactive option as well where no printing is needed at all - you're fully covered with this pack!

What this resource includes:
• 54 end of the year reflection questions
• 3 different printable options
• colour and black and white options
• an interactive 60+ slide PowerPoint
• comprehensive teacher's notes

The benefits:
• no need to stick anything to your blocks
• 4 differentiated ways to play
• different printing options to save money if necessary
• a paperless option
• ideas for competitive ways to play as a class
• suitable for a wide range of age groups
• questions accessible to all students
• an engaging and fun way to bond and reflect as a class

So take some time at the end of the school year to reflect with your students on how far you've all come together, in an exciting, engaging and happy atmosphere - what a wonderful way to finish the year!
By TeachersResourceForce

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