Food, nutrition and provenance picks for primary

Engaging lesson plans, presentations and resource packs to raise pupils’ awareness of what they eat and where it comes from.

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Resources to raise pupils’ awareness about what they eat and where it comes from

The primary curriculum continually addresses two fundamental questions: what should we eat and where does it come from? From looking at food groups and balanced diets to farming, fishing and food production, it is important that students learn about what it is they are consuming every day.

That's why we’ve picked a selection of resources that examine diet, how it affects our bodies and the process of getting food from the natural world to our plates.

What we eat

Explore what is in the food we eat with this well-structured KS2 presentation, resource sheets and accompanying teacher notes. Along with considering individual ingredients and the nutritional content of different food types, students can inspect the amount of sugar in different fizzy drinks during a practical experiment. 

Alternatively, get pupils thinking about different food groups with this simple game, in which they collect food cards to fill up their balanced diet sheet. And it’s always worth talking about eating more fruit and vegetables, so why not encourage young learners with this creative workbook that requires them to design their own fruit salad?

Food and our bodies

From fats to carbohydrates to protein, examine the effect of each food group on our bodies with this colourful presentation. Once students understand how different food types work, use this activity to talk about how eating well is good for your health and task pupils with devising their own balanced lunch boxes.

Or, investigate the relationship between the body and the nutritional value of food using this detailed resource pack*, which includes presentations, worksheets and experiment planning sheets.  

Where food comes from

Help KS2 learners understand the provenance of the food they eat by completing this fact file booklet about where fishing takes place around the UK, how the catch is stored and ways to cook tasty meals with fish. Similarly, this lesson plan engages KS1 students with the process of growing, harvesting and packaging food by looking at the journey a pea would take from farm to fork.

Delve further into this topic using this play script, which looks at how rice is grown in India and what happens when a crop fails. It provides an engaging, interactive way to address the global nature of food production and environmental issues affecting the production of food.

To explore more about how health, food and our environment are linked, take a look at these primary teacher notes from The Crunch, an initiative from The Wellcome Trust.

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