GCSE student-led science revision resources

Lauren Tong
22nd January 2019
Revision activities to prepare students for their GCSE exams

Encourage and support student-led revision with these biology, chemistry and physics resources

With revision season nearly upon us, starting the revision process can be daunting for students. To ease the pressure, we have pulled together a selection of popular and recent resources to encourage student-led revision in the classroom and at home. Visit our GCSE science revision collection for more revision resources. 


Edexcel GCSE 9-1 Chemistry combined science revision sheets

Revision mats to fill out for most topics for 9-1 new spec, in their first edit so possibly full of errors, combined from free resources on here from old spec and my own additions, hence FREE

By debbieshepherd

C7 - Organic chemistry revision sheets for 9-1 GCSE Chemistry (student worksheets & mark scheme)

4 revision sheets with questions covering Crude oil, alkenes, alcohols, carboxylic acids & esters from the 9-1 GCSE specification.

The sheet is designed to be worked through independently by students allowing teacher to provide support during the revision lesson to the students in most need.

This revision activity will take most of the lesson to complete. The later slides in the slide pack are the mark schemes. These can either be printed out for the students to self-assess or projected by the teacher.

By AndyB14

AQA GCSE Trilogy 9-1 chemistry revision sheets

17 revision sheets to cover the entirety of the Chemistry covered in the AQA GCSE trilogy course
Perfect for revision for after all of the content has been taught or as a revision lesson after each topic.
Each revision sheet is heavily based on the specification and sample assessment material so only relevant content to the exam is contained to give the best resource possible.
Higher specification points are clearly outlined with a [H] so these sheets can be used for your higher and foundation pupils.
The titles of the 17 revision sheets are:

  1. Atomic structure
  2. The periodic table
  3. Ionic bonding
  4. Ionic compounds
  5. Covalent bonding
  6. Simple covalent molecules and giant covalent
  7. Metallic bonding and states of matter
  8. Quantitative chemistry
  9. Chemical changes
  10. Electrolysis
  11. Energy changes
  12. The rate and extent of chemical change
  13. Reversible reactions and dynamic equilibrium
  14. Crude oil and fuels
  15. Chemical analysis
  16. Chemistry of the atmosphere
  17. Using resources
    This resource has sold hundreds of times but I have no reviews! If it works for you leave a review so others can benefit from it!!
By amycooke93

EDEXCEL GCSE Chemistry 9-1 Combined Science revision CC1-12

Revision flash cards made for my SEN students to revise for Paper 3 Chemistry. Includes notes on the front and 3-4 questions on the back of the cards. I printed, laminated them and put them onto a binder ring to reuse them.

Set up to print manual double sided i.e. fronts first then put sheets back in to print back side

By incense85


ORGANISATION. AQA B1-Topic 2 Quick Fire Questions. 9-1 GCSE Biology or combined science revision

For ease of downloading this also comes in a whole GCSE bundle, and as part of a ready made revision pack.
This resource is a small part of a large set including a range of self-assessment of specification statements, revision questions and homework sheets. 


Whole Revision Pack https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/aqa-revision-pack-9-1-spec-inc-biology-chemistry-and-physics-at-higher-and-foundation-11734781

Quick-fire questions bundle https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/quick-fre-revision-assessment-questions-for-aqa-gcse-combined-science-or-biology-chemistry-physics-11562057 

Specification Statements bundle https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/student-self-assessment-for-aqa-gcse-combined-and-separate-science-biology-chemistry-and-physics-11562050

Circuit symbol flashcards https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/circuit-symbol-flashcards-11537920 

Units flashcards https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/aqa-gcse-physics-units-flashcards-for-new-9-1-spec-11539907 

Ions flashcards https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/formula-of-common-ions-flascards-11535915
By pkScienceAndMaths

KS4 Biology Punnett Squares Booklet

Visual booklet which introduces the ideas about Punnett squares by starting with some revision on chromosomes and genes (including DNA).

The booklet introduces Punnet squares slowly, building on knowledge gained throughout the lesson to allow students to build up to high level questions and answers.

Exam style questions included around Punnett Squares and homo and hetrozygous genotypes.
By WineAndLillies

Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Combined Science revision flashcards for Biology CB4

Revision flashcards to be printed double sided, covering key concepts of CB4 for edexcel combined science (9-1)
Pupils find these handy as a quick reference/revision tool to aid their memory recall of key factual concepts of CB4.

By srewcastle

Cell biology revision mat

For unit 1 of AQA’s Triology scheme of work (2018 exam). This makes a concise revision sheet for the important aspects of cell organelles, different types of cells, stem cells, mitosis, diffusion, active transport and osmosis. The revision mat is two pages of A4 that can be printed back to pack and comes with an additional revision mat with the answers completed.

By BLJohnson39


New AQA physics revision topics 1-4

revision mats for new AQA specification more for higher tier topics 1-4
Energy, electricity, particle model and Atomic Structure
By HANutley

AQA trilogy physics revision paper 1 booklet HT

I have created a booklet to help y11 revise in preparation for AQA paper 1 physics trilogy. This booklet is aimed at higher tier students. The first sections help the students to become recap units, equations and prefixes. The mind map allows students to be familiar with the content then complete questions on each topic.

By sliddane

NEW AQA 2016 Trilogy Physics revision mats

Revision mats for Paper 1 and 2 Physics exam for AQA Trilogy.

The revision mats cover all higher tier contented as highlighted by HIGHER TIER in bold next to the relevant text box. Maths skills and required practicals are also included where possible. Place mats are broken down into topic areas within the whole unit so you can chose which area to focus on.

Particle model of matter
Atomic structure

By vy28

Complete set of Physics revision checklists for GCSE Physics

This is a complete set of Physics revision checklists for handing out to students. They follow the AQA specification, but have been reworded, reordered and streamlined in places to make them more student-friendly than the specification document. Equations and required practicals are highlighted.

For AQA GCSE Physics.

By Stuart Billington


AQA Science Trilogy - A3 Revision Planner

My Year 11s needed a one page Big Picture. They seemed calmer when they got this!
By birdybathy

AQA Trilogy Science revision game

I created a game to help students revise in an engaging way. Majority of columns are designed to have a different topics, so it will become clear to students and teachers where strengths and weaknesses lie.

By ktbax263

NEW AQA combined Science revision pack

This bundle includes
revision flash cards for all of the first 2 units of each Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses.
It also includes keywords for each unit.
By kelly210188

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