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26th April 2019
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Time-saving templates and comment banks to support the report-writing process this term

However valuable they are, the thought of writing all of those reports can be very daunting, especially when approached after a long day at work. But, fear not... You've come to the right place! 

If you're looking for some inspiration, these imaginative resources are the perfect starting point for creating personalised reports in a time-efficent way.

report comment bank

Comments I have collected over the years all in one place. I cannot take credit for them at all - they are just ones I have found on the internet and copied onto a word document. Very helpful when writing reports!
By v3884

Report Writing programme

Save time and effort writing reports. An end of year report writer that allows you to quickly create pupil reports simply by clicking on a series of user modifiable comments. Now in use in 400 Schools in over 20 Countries.
Comments are organised into 9 sections (opening, behavioural, progress, strengths, weaknesses, closing and 3 user defined categories with 18 comments in each section). Comments automatically update to insert pupil names and to match gender specific pronouns (he/she, his/her etc). Once assembled the comments can be copied and pasted into your own report packages and a file containing all the reports for your class set can be created. Suitable for all teachers at all key stages through suitable modification of the comments in the comment banks. This is Version 2 which scrolls even faster between comment categories.
This is an Excel file which uses macros to run, read the help sheet in the file to enable macros.
See a demo at

Have a look and download the free evaluation version at

Please note this spreadsheet will not run on Mac versions of Excel, it will only run on PC versions of , due to incompatibility issues between Microsoft Office on the 2 different platforms.
By john_leather

English Report Writing Comment Bank

A comprehensive set of documents which aid with the writing of reports, hopefully providing you with the tools you need to write fair, honest and balanced reports for English.

The comment bank covers the following areas (as you can see from the preview there are documents for each):

Introductory comments/learning cognition and progress
Topics Covered
Behaviour and Attitude (with targets)
Reading/comprehension (and targets)
Writing skills (and targets)

The resources are suited to secondary Key Stages 3 and 4. Most of the comments simply require you to add a student’s name or to write their specific gender in the space provided.

I’m sure these will save you a good deal of time and effort, and help bring a little inspiration to the baleful process of report writing!

By ajs12345

The Feedback Compendium

The Feedback Compendium is a brilliant resource which will make your life easier! It contains two hundred high quality, ready-to-use targets which are appropriate for all subjects and for Key Stages 2-5. They can be used in formative assessment, report-writing and as oral feedback. The targets are divided into ten categories for ease of use.
By mikegershon

Report Writer Premium

Video guide to this resource at

Write reports easily with this template/writing frame. It will save you hours - aim to create a set of good reports in 20mins per class. With this full version of this resource you can write reports on up to 35 students at a time and this version includes more ready made comments.

An important note… This file uses macros to do all the fancy stuff, but macros don’t work on Macs so you’ll need to run this file on a windows computer. It’s an Apple thing and is the same with all macro-based files.

Use the existing maths comments or add/replace with your own, following the instructions and formats given. When report day comes around just choose the relevant comments by typing a number and hitting ‘create&save’ and your reports are written. Simply copy and paste into eportal/sims etc.

This download includes a BONUS RESOURCE – Easy UCAS Report Writer ‘Lite’ Excel file. This file is based on the same style as the original report writer but is adapted for writing UCAS reports with sections for comments including Work Ethic, Teamwork, Written, Verbal, Degree and Tail. With this file you can write up to 5 UCAS subject reports at a time. There is a premium version of this file available too which has more comments and enables you to write up to 35 reports at a time. Upgrade to the full version of this resource at

If you find this useful please leave a positive comment. Any issues at all, please contact me at

By grahamcolman

Report writing bank of statements

Collection of sentences for report writing that cover approach/attitude, behaviour, concentration, co-operation, communication skills, contributions to the class and homework for students with special problems, weak students, average students, good students and excellent students
By jlewisstv

Report Creator

Quickly and easily create customised reports for your classes.

- Copy and paste in your pupils’ names, sex and any other data you wish (targets, working grades, passwords etc.)
- Create your own comment bank and save it.
- Rate each pupil and make adjustments using drop down menus.
- Copy and paste your finalised reports into your desired software.

By kris_cs1

Report Writing Examples & Templates

A selection of different report writing examples and templates to assist you with writing a generalised report for students in your form or tutor groups as well as for the subject of Geography. These resources are best used when writing reports which are to include an overview of students’ subject reports as well as their other commitments in school, for example, art, sport or music activities. Several other documents can also be used for writing subject-specific reports

The report examples in this download range from capable/high achieving students to students with poor focus and concentration as well as those involved within the wider school community.

- 11 Different Form/Tutor Group Reports Included
- 4 Different Year 5 End-of-Term reports Included
- Each report includes highlighted possessive pronouns (he/she/him/her) and well as blank lines to easily identify relevant changes to be made.
- Reports range from approx. 200 - 400 words in length
- Available for download on Pages and as a Word document.

By Teach Trends

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