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Parties de corps - Card Game

Parties de corps - Card Game

This game is a French version of the classic " I have… Who has …? " game, designed to practice the parts of the body and some descriptive adjectives. This is an easy-to-play game and a great way to practice essential language concepts with the whole class. As students match up the answers on their cards with questions on other students’ cards, they get valuable practice with vocabulary, as well as reading and listening skills. Directions: Cut out the cards along the dotted line and laminate. For bigger classes, you might want to print several copies of each set. Give out all the cards in the set to the students. It is important to use all the cards. Choose a student to go first. I usually do that by a counting rhyme. Have the selected student read the question at the bottom of the card aloud and then put the card down. The student who has the card with the answer then reads that answer aloud. This student will then read the question at the bottom of their card and put the card down. Play continues in this fashion until all of the cards have been played. The game will end with the same student who started play. Every card in the set is connected to a card before it and a card after it. To keep the game moving at a quick pace, all students need to pay attention to every question that has been asked. I tell my younger students that this is a magic game and that the magic only works if you pay attention, which is actually true. The magic happens in the end, when the question on the last card actually matches the answer on the very first card. Enjoy!
Let's Learn French Active Lesson - Animals

Let's Learn French Active Lesson - Animals

This Active Learning Lesson has 14 colourful Powerpoint slides about ‘Animals’ The Powerpoint speaks so that ​the kids can hear the correct ​pronunciation and they can ​practise saying the words. There are pictures and photos of the movements associated with each phrase or word. The movements improve concentration, core strength, agility, balance and coordination. There are lots more fun Active Learning sessions available including: My family, shapes, my body and going to market. The sessions cover numbers, days, seasons, colours and much more! Available as separate subjects or as a whole package