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'Year of the Monkey' Themed Pack

'Year of the Monkey' Themed Pack

'Year of the Monkey' themed pack that includes a colourful sets of cut-out borders, bookmarks, banner, lined paper and page borders for your Chinese spelling games, drawing or any writing activities in the class and a set of alphabet and numbers. Great to use to teach alphabet recognition, spelling and phonetics for pupils learning English as a second language. They can also be used for creating beautiful wall displays, attractive posters and colourful bulletin boards.
Speak4Me - Speak in a Foreign Language

Speak4Me - Speak in a Foreign Language

That's it! My first app is waiting in the appStore for you to download. This app will help your students polish up their pronunciation and intonation by reading the text they enter in the foreign language of their choice. French, Spanish, German, English, Russian are supported, as well as many other languages such as Mandarin, Thai, Dutch, etc... This app does not require an internet connection; it works on iPad, iPod and iPhone with iOS 8.1+ OK, it's a simple app, and there are similar ones, but this one works and works well. Without any adds or in-app purchases. Please take the time to have a look, try it and give me some feedback. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/speak4me-speak-in-foreign/id1010175907?mt=8