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Secondary teaching resources for December

Hand-picked secondary resource highlights that you can use right up until the end of term.

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Secondary resources for December

With the festive season fast approaching, we have gathered together a few of our resource highlights to keep you going until the end of term. Learn about celebrations that happen around the world with these KS3 and KS4 resources. Settle differences and build healthy friendships with our resolving conflict collection. Take a look at our tutor time essentials collection and countdown to Christmas in secondary with some of our festive favourites. Explore the Englishmathsscience and history subject collections for more resource highlights.

Present, world map wrapping paper, christmas around the world resources

Christmas around the world

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Snowflake biscuit and cup of tea, resources for winter

Secondary resources for winter

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Globe in classroom decorated for christmas, christmas resources

Christmas activities in humanities

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Sad face, neutral face, happy face, top behaviour monitoring tools

Top behaviour monitoring tools

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Candles, celebrations in RE

Celebrations around the world

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Presents, yuletite treats for December, festive English resources

Yuletide treats for December

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Christmas markets, christmas activities and resources

Christmas activities for MFL

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Resolving conflict

Resolving conflict resources

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tutor time essentials

Tutor time essentials

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Computer components wreath, computing resources for december

December highlights for computing students

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Winter, forest, stars, seasonal science resources

Seasonal science lessons

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Maths christmas collection V2

Maths: countdown to Christmas

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