Celebrating primary school leavers

Sian Evans
14th June 2018
Fun assembly scripts and engaging songs to help you celebrate your Year 6 leavers class this year

Ensure your primary leavers go out with a bang using these celebratory assembly and song ideas

Make your Year 6 pupils’ last few weeks at school fun and memorable by getting them involved in a whole-class performance, which celebrates successes and positive memories and gives them a much-needed final boost of confidence as they move on to secondary school.

Engaging scripts

Now is the time to show off the special talents of all of your pupils with this hand-picked collection of themed scripts. They not only provide a multitude of opportunities for groups of students to perform together, but also opportunities for recalling memories and looking forward to the future.


Year 6 Leavers' Assembly - Big Brother Theme

This script contains several 'in jokes' from our school, but could easily be adapted to a different school. I wrote this to give the children an opportunity to show off their talents and recall their memories of the school, but with a structured plot to tie it all together.
By odsbods

Year 6 Leavers' Assembly-I'm Y6 Get Me Out Of Here

This is another leavers' assembly that we wrote to give the children an opportunity to show off their talents and recall their memories of the school, but with a structured plot to tie it all together. It was written for a two-form entry year group. This script contains several 'in jokes' from our school, but hopefully other schools could adapt the sketches to include songs/dances/activities that they have done during the year and want to show off.
By odsbods

School's Out Leavers' Assembly

School's Out Leavers' Assembly
The cast size (30) can easily be adapted up (for a year group) or down, if necessary, to suit class size of less than 30.
Duration: Reading time is only about 5 minutes. However, if all 12 songs are used, and say 2 minutes of each are performed, then this takes performance up to around 30 minutes. This is a rough figure depending heavily on how much of each song is used.
What does it take to put a smile on those Year 6 faces? Maybe a large dose of great music and some equally great performances .... by the staff?! The lengths teachers will go to - or are we all really just frustrated rock stars underneath?!
Easy to produce, great fun to do!
Sample Text:
Music 1 Yesterday – Beatles
(Children file into places, singing as they come in and become seated; at the end of the song, all sit disconsolately, hanging heads in misery; group of teachers stand to one side, listening to their students)
Teacher 1: What a beautiful song!
Teacher 2: But why the long faces?
Teacher 3: Why so sad?
Teacher 4: What have you got to feel sad about?
Teacher 5: This is your last day at school! Wouldn’t a better choice of music be …?
Music 2 School’s Out – Alice Cooper
(Teachers sing and perform really ‘over the top’ version of song; students look on in horror)
Child 1: And they called us ‘sad’?
Child 2: ‘Sad’ has to be the understatement of the year!
Child 3: I’d say more like – ‘tragedy’!
Teacher 6: (Beaming from ear to ear) Now you’re talking!
Music 3 Tragedy – Steps or Bee Gees
(Teachers again sing and perform totally ‘over the top’ version of the song; students increasingly alarmed)
Child 4: Stop! Stop! Have you all taken leave of your senses?
Teacher 7: Well, this is supposed to be a leavers’ assembly, isn’t it?
(All teachers fall about laughing)
Child 5: But guess what? It’s supposed to be our leavers’ assembly, not yours!
Child 6: Yeah! You’ll all still be here this time next year!
Child 7: Not like us!
Child 8: We’re the ones leaving!
Child 9: Not you!
Teacher 8: So, why aren’t you celebrating?
Other Leavers Assemblies by Sue Russell:
It’s Good to be Me Leavers Assembly
Leavers Assembly for Year 6s
Our School’s Got Talent Leavers Assembly
Olympics Leavers Assembly
By sue Russell

Year 6 Leavers Assembly

This tailor made Leavers Assembly is perfect for any Year 6 teacher who wants t try to include as many children as possible in the assembly, whilst keeping it to a managable amount of work. It is based on the Britains Got Talent idea, but has an extra twist as it starts off with Bob & Betty watching TV. There are clever links to other priogrammes as they change sides and watch TV adverts, which the children can make separately. We performed this with 58 children, however it could be done with fewer or indeed more with just some minimal changes to the script required. I hope you enjoy it.
By MaddHatter

Leavers Assembly Year 6

Will need to be adapted to your school - Play created around the idea that a leaver goes on to be PrimeMinister and links his success to his time at Primary School. Song is based on 'I had the time of my Life'
By vgriffiths

Goodbye and Good Luck (Musical Leaver's Play for Year 6)

This easy musical play celebrates the primary school career of a cohort of Year 6 pupils, and comes with three easy leavers songs set to well known tunes (with vocals and instrumental backing tracks). You also receive the script and lyrics to customize, a Powerpoint workbook for the children, and a basic score. The price includes a school performance licence.

It provides a positive focus as the children complete their final term in Year 6. No musical ability is needed. The children can sing along to the backing tracks. The play is suitable for an end-of-year assembly for the whole school, hopefully with parents, lasting about 20-30 mins.

Number of Players / Singers: At least 24

By Freddie Green

Song ideas

Whether you’re looking to celebrate your classes hard work through song or want to supplement as script with relevant songs, then look no further than these top tunes. What better way to finish off the year than on a high note!


Moving On - A Song For Leavers

This is a moving song written using ideas by two children about to move schools. It can be sung as one main group or split into two different choirs with interactive phrases. Optional harmonies are included.
By sarahbaker73

Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly: Time to Movie On!

Bring Hollywood to your Year Six Leavers’ assembly with these 3 songs that can be performed to the theme tunes from Star Wars, Mission Impossible and Indiana Jones.
This assembly includes conversations which acknowledge how the children might be feeling about going to high school and gives them words of encouragement and praise for all of their achievements at primary school.

By TheMagicPoetryPot

Year 6 Leavers Song - Here We Go

Leavers song written for our current year 6 children to the tune of 'Let it go&' from the Disney film Frozen! This will be sung at our leavers assembly.
By emeraldrach

Year 6 Leavers' Song - Don't Stop Believing

Alternative lyrics to the song 'Don't Stop Believing' by Journey. Performed to a karaoke version downloaded from itunes.
By odsbods

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