End-of-year quizzes for primary and secondary

Sian Evans and Victoria Haughton
14th July 2017
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Inspire team spirit and challenge your classes with these engaging quizzes

With the holidays edging ever closer, it’s time to get quizzical and encourage some healthy competition among your students. To help you do this, we’ve scoured the site and hand-picked some of our favourite quiz-based resources, suitable for both primary and secondary pupils.

Primary resources

Build teamwork skills and test pupils’ cultural awareness with this easily adaptable presentation, which covers a variety of topics including films, music and cities. Alternatively, this  Pointless quiz gets students identifying the most obscure answers to a wide variety of questions.

For something with a bit of a twist, why not combine this guess-who activity with general knowledge or topic-specific questions? Every correct answer allows students to remove a piece of the jigsaw to reveal a mystery celebrity. Alternatively, stretch KS1 and KS2 learners with the cross-curricular literary, maths and science puzzles in this end-of-year quiz.


2016 Pub Style Quiz - Christmas Quiz

As an introduction to the school year I used this as a starting lesson. Not subject specific and just general knowledge. It can suit a range of ages and abilities. I put them in pairs with the answer sheet supplied. It will take roughly an hour once you take up the answers. Answers are included but you may want to adjust the music questions and the anagram question. Otherwise ENJOY! And please rate and review it if you use it.

Could be used as a final lesson around Christmas or Easter when its tough to get any real work done.
By tomcosgrove

Pointless General Knowledge Quiz

PowerPoint version of quiz adapted from TV show Pointless. There are three rounds of interactive questions suitable for children aged 8 - 11. Good as an end of term activity.
By Bonnie Rafferty

Guess Who am I? Famous people quiz

PPT involving jigsaw reveals and clues. Removing jigsaw pieces reveals part of the face of different people from painting, literature, music, film and politics. Inspired by Bev Evans Guess Who?
By kstran1

Quiz for End of Year Quiz Fun! (KS1/KS2)

Resource Title
End of Year Powerpoint Quiz

Age/Year Group
Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Total Pages in download
❤ 25

File Type
PDF and Powerpoint included

Resource Content
End of year is right around the corner, need a time filler, golden time or do you need to break up those house points? Try this end of year quiz!
❂ 3 Rounds / 5 Questions per round (cross curricular covering Literacy, Maths, Science and General Knowledge)
❂ Colour and B/W Answer Sheets included (please print these)

Check the preview!

Reviews and feedback are appreciated, I value all but as we tell our students, try to be constructive!
@ pollypuddleduck@gmail.com

Printing Tip: This educational resource has been designed for printing on A4 size paper. If you are printing on a different size, select ‘shrink’ or ‘print to fit page’ (or similar option) in order for the contents to fit correctly.

Purchase of this resource entitles YOU, the buyer, the right to reproduce the pages for personal and classroom use ONLY.
Duplication for other classes, an entire school or for commercial use is strictly prohibited without written permission from Polly Puddleduck. Minor editing is allowed but only for personal use.
The document remains under the copyright of Polly Puddleduck even when edited. Posting this item in whole or part on the Internet in any form is strictly prohibited and a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).
Polly Puddleduck ©2016
By PollyPuddleduck

Secondary resources

Entertain students with up to 125 questions in this alphabet-themed quiz, in which each round’s answers correspond to a particular letter. For an added layer of competition, group students together and test their nerves as they compete to see which team can bank the most points in this Deal Or No Deal-style game

Further challenge the masterminds in your midst with a variety of differently styled questions using this stimulating activity.  Similarly, this visual lesson, jam-packed with various holiday-themed rounds, will really get learners in the mood for the break.


Ready to use series of fun quizzes ideal for end-of-term or form times. 125 Questions!

Five quizzes where each one has five categories with answers all beginning with the letter of that quiz. Each question has a different points value based upon it's difficulty.

Students select the category and the points value on the powerpoint and are then presented with a question. Navigating using the arrows will reveal the answer and allow you to return to the opening page.

Questions cover a variety of topics from science to celebrity.

There are 25 series of questions based on the letters of the alphabet ( I missed out 'X'). That equates to 125 questions in total.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.
By Bifkin

End of Term Deal or No Deal

Yes, with the Summer holidays approaching, an end of term quiz based on the game show Deal or No Deal. Not subject specific - use it in form, or with a cover class, or for whatever. Instructions are in the word document – basically teams/players take it in turns to pick a box – answer a question correctly and find out how many points the banker is prepared to offer them. The team/player who dealt for most points wins the game.
By londinius

Mastermind Quiz; general knowledge

A quiz that can be played in teams or individually. Great as an end of term activity. More questions than required for a whole lesson. Many questions have an historical slant but there are also questions on maths, science, music, etc. There are several different style of questions and many of the answers can be worked out through logic and reasoning rather than just knowing the answer or not. Answers appear in the notes section of the powerpoint. The emphasis of the quiz is on fun!

By jcoller

End of Year Summer Quiz 2017

A perfect summer quiz for the end of term!

The quiz consists of 5 rounds (10 questions each) and a tie brake with all answers included in the presentation.

Round 1 - British Beaches: Trivia about Britain's beaches (multiple choice)
Round 2 - Ice-Cream Flavours: Guess the ice-cream flavour from the picture.
Round 3 - Where in the World?: Name the country containing the famous tourist attraction.
Round 4 - Celebs on Holiday: Name the celeb who is featured in the photos.
Round 5 - Music Round: Complete the summer song lyrics.
Tie Brake - Memory Game: Memorise the suitcase contents.

By rharborne

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