Preparing for the phonics screening check

Sian Evans
21st May 2018
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Stimulating ideas to help Year 1s secure their understanding of phonics ahead of the screening check

Teaching phonics is an essential part of improving both reading and language skills for young students. And, with the screening check on the horizon, we know it’s particularly important to find engaging ways to recap the same old content. To help you do just that, we've packed our primary national tests hub with teacher-led revision lessons, student-led activities and practice questions. Here are just a sample of the quality assured resources you will find...

Practice questions


Phonics Screening Test Papers and PowerPoints

A selection of three phonics practice papers to use with your year 1 class in preparation for the screening test.
The papers contain original content, but are all based entirely on past papers, progressing from simple cvc phase 3 words to more complex phase 5 words.
There is an accompanying PowerPoint presentation with each paper, so that you can choose to work with the whole class or individuals.
An answer sheet and tick sheet are also included.

PDF file format.
By Blossoming Minds

Phonics Screening Word Generators

For each of the Phonics Screening Tests there is a word generator. Press s to stop them spinning and enter to carry on.

Take a look at our video video to see it in action.

Tests included: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018
By FunkyPhonics

Student-led activities


Speedy Readers

A set of flashcards that can be added to rings to support Phase 2-5 Phonics

Includes Phases 2-5 sentences
Phases 2-5 Tricky Words
Nonsense words to support the phonics screening test

Print the words on corresponding coloured paper to make it look extra cute and add to a binding ring!

Perfect for a phonics activity or to place in the reading area for independent practise!
By princessdani22

Phonics screening revision game

I made this snakes and ladders type game to help reinforce all the graphemes up to phase 5 as prep for the screening test. Also sneaked in some consonant blends too. I'll use groups of three with my phonics group and enlarge the document to A3. You can change any of the graphemes to meet the needs of your learners.
By e_bray

200 Alien / Pseudo and Real Word Flashcards – phonic screening check, revision, preparation, year 1

This resource consist of 100 alien word flashcards and 100 real word flashcards to use in preparation for the phonic screening check. The words reflect the phonics content in the current national curriculum, and include multi-syllable words and the more unusual graphemes which have appeared on previous papers such as oe, au, e-e, ore, ie and ue. These flashcards can be used for teaching and also for sharing with parents. The resource is fully editable and the images are copyright free. Please see my other phonics resources including all you need for an ‘Alien Day’ of fun phonics challenges.
By magicinkstand

Teacher-led resources


Y1 Phonics Screening Practise: New words

Two sets of flashcards to get the children used to reading real and nonsense words for the screening in June. These are new words, different to the government issued ones. Each child will be required to read 40 words. It is intended you use either set A or set B as they contain a balance of real / made up words with A1 being easier than A2. Hope that makes sense. Set B is just a repeat of the activity.
By renosparks

Phonics Revision Workbook (EYFS/KS1)

Resource Title
Phonics Revision Workbook 1

Age/Year Group
Early Years and Key Stage 1

Total Pages in download
❤ 22

File Type

Resource Content
❂ a 20 page revision workbook
❂ Covers initial sounds / endings and common blends/digraphs
❂ 20 NO Prep Printables includes workbook cover page,just print and staple!

Check the preview!

Reviews and feedback are appreciated, I value all but as we tell our students, try to be constructive!

Printing Tip: This educational resource has been designed for printing on A4 size paper. If you are printing on a different size, select ‘shrink’ or ‘print to fit page’ (or similar option) in order for the contents to fit correctly.

Purchase of this resource entitles YOU, the buyer, the right to reproduce the pages for personal and classroom use ONLY.
Duplication for other classes, an entire school or for commercial use is strictly prohibited without written permission from Polly Puddleduck. Minor editing is allowed but only for personal use.
The document remains under the copyright of Polly Puddleduck even when edited. Posting this item in whole or part on the Internet in any form is strictly prohibited and a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).
Polly Puddleduck ©2016

Other phonics related resources can be found in my shop!

Clip a Sound

Phonics Jigsaw Challenge Pack

By PollyPuddleduck

Phonics Screening Check 30 page Revision

30 pages of phonics activities perfect for practising alien words from phase 2-5 for the Phonics screening check.

By littlemisstechnical

Year One Phonics Screen Practice Sessions

A set of 15 short practice sessions that I created to use with my class as revision for the phonics screening.

Each session starts by asking the children to recap a number of graphemes. This is followed by an opportunity for the children to read words containing these graphemes.

All images in the PowerPoints are royalty free and are from Microsoft Office.
By PlanitTeacher

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