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19th September 2019
global climate change strikes

Find resources on the global climate strike to share with your students

Climate change is a global concern, affecting every living creature on this planet, and it is an issue that has once again been brought to the forefront of the world stage by Greta Thunberg, a Swedish school student. The planned worldwide Global Climate Strikes in September on Friday 20th and Friday 27th, in addition to the emergency UN summit beginning on the 23rd, are a mark of how desperate the current situation is.

Help your students understand the causes and consequences of climate change on the world in which they live and teach them ways to support the worldwide climate change movement using this fantastic collection of resources including full lessons, worksheets and activities made by teachers for teachers.

Primary resources

Effects of Climate Change & the Rainforest - Complete STEAM Lesson

Effects of Climate Change & the Rainforest - Complete Lesson

Complete Lesson on the Effects of Climate Change

This download includes a complete lesson on the reasons for climate change and the effects on the planet. There is a detailed PowerPoint to explain climate change and effects. The children will then complete worksheets to check understanding. Everything needed for the lesson is included in this download.

This download includes:
- Full and detailed lesson plan
- Complete lesson PowerPoint
- Starter pictures
- Differentiated worksheets (x3)
- Answer sheet

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Some of my other products:

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Complete Space and the Solar System Workbook .
Complete Dialogues and Play Scripts Writing Unit .


By The Ginger Teacher

Climate change wordsearch

A useful enrichment activity this climate change wordseach contains all the key words essential for KS4. it even comes with an answer sheet!
By PracticalAction

Reading comprehension material - Greta Thunberg and Climate change

Who is Greta Thunberg?
What is Climate Change?

This pair of reading comprehension activities, ideal for guided reading, are will help your students find out about the teenager who has made the world aware of climate change.

Your students will develop reading comprehension skills through a range of retrieval and inference questions, using skills to skim and scan the text.

In particular, they will learn about:

*Greta Thunberg
What is climate change?
What causes it?
What can be done about it?

Just print and go…no prep needed! Answers are provided.

I have also included a black and white version of the product on pages to avoid the costs of colour graphics printing - something I’m sure Greta would approve of!

This activity is part of a set that that I am currently putting together:
Girls who Dare to be Different

Thanks for your interest!

By Reading for Success

UKS2 Literacy - Greta Thunberg Reading Comprehension Activity

This is a reading comprehension activity about young climate activist, Greta Thunberg. Ideal for students learning about important figures in climate change or global warming.Perfect for Year 5 or Year 6.

The activity requires NO PREP and has a body of text that students need to read through thoroughly; then they can use the text to find the comprehension and grammar answers. All texts then have an extension activity for those fast finishers.

Answers, for teacher use, are on the final page of the document.

Time allowance ( one hour)
5 minutes - read through the text individually.
40 minutes - answer questions using the text as guidance (including extension activity)
15 minutes - Teacher and students go through the text and answers

We specialize in play scripts, we have a William Shakespeare collection with Richard III, Macbeth and Hamlet. We also have a good selection of Christmas play scripts including Elf, The Santa Clause and A Christmas Carol.

Please check out my store, Creative Primary Literacy, for more resources.

By Irvine109

Climate Change

Be a Curious Climate Change Detective - Explore Cool Questions & Hot Answers

Ready to tackle one of the most debated and difficult situation that face the earth – climate change. There are lots of things to explore when thinking about climate change.
As the earth gets warmer and warmer the causes, mechanisms, or impacts of climate change on our planet is something that is important to discuss with young children. It is also crucial to explore solutions and ideas that can help us build a better future.

The package contains:

1. What do you know? What do you want to learn?
2. What is the difference between weather and climate?
3. Ask the Penguin questions about climate change
4. Main Reasons people cause the climate to become warmer
5. What is Global Climate?
6. Imagine that you are a polar bear. . . a coral fish. . .sitting on the moon watching the Earth
7 .Why is the climate changing?
8. Greenhouse effect
9. Greenhouse Gases – What is good? What is the problem?
10. A little extra warming
11. It matters what we do. Work with nature!
12. My action plan
13. Spread the message about climate change
14. Visions of the future. A bright and sunny vision! A little darker vision!
15. Reflection on the learning
16. Question cards - How can I help?

By Asa Jomard

Climate Change no prep lesson

Product Description

*** Updated

Need to teach an important lesson on climate change? What to generate discussion and help the children to reflect and make some changes? This is a great short lesson that I have used with my class.

No prep - ready to go with enough prompts to let you teach in your style.

Additional worksheet activities to help children consolidate their learning.

If you use an interactive whiteboard you can life the png flattened images and import them into your IWB programme or write straight on the slides if you have this function. Other than that it also stands alone if you simply have a projector it can work with a traditional whiteboard and pen accessory.


What is fossil fuel?
Fossil fuels: gas, coal and oil
Natural gas focus
Coal focus
Crude oil focus
What do I know?
Burning fossil fuels
What is global warming?
What do you know?
Why is it important?
Could it be good? Why is it terrible? Exploring view points
Photo focus - Melting ice, extreme weather and loss of habitat
Old sayings
What do you use electricity for?
Reducing climate change - what can you do?
Greta Thunberg
Taking action to reduce global warming.
This is more practical and the focus is on knowledge and caring for our planet rather than the political aspect that may be explored later on in their school career.

Worksheet activities

How do we use electricity?
Help the planet
What do I waste (doing better)

By KatQatresources

Secondary resources

Climate Change

Students will learn about the causes and consequences of climate change, and through case studies, explore the ways in which climate change can impact plants and animals. They will also consider what actions can be taken to reduce the impacts of climate change.
By ARKive

Climate Change: Causes and Consequences

Class presentation which provides a concise introduction to Climate Change and Global Warming. Pupils should be able to understand the processes which contribute to Climate Change and discuss the possible impact of Climate Change on the survival of living things.
By Alan_Monaghan

Climate Change

A fully-resourced lesson all about what climate change is, how global warming happens and what causes it, the environmental effects and the actions world governments are taking to try to slow it down. It also explores why some world governments are reluctant to make changes and the possible consequences of this.

The lesson includes a 1 hour detailed PowerPoint, information sheets, differentiated challenge activities and worksheets, clips tasks with questions, debate focus task and case study tasks. These resources have been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow.

The lesson has been left editable and is filled with engaging, well differentiated and challenging activities. The PowerPoint is in the ZIP file as it is large. The images have been uploaded to show what is in the lesson :)

You can find many more inexpensive and free PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources at my shop: MORE PSHE RESOURCES

By EC Resources

Climate Change: The Facts

Worksheet to go with the David Attenborough documentary Climate Change: The Facts. Also the answers.

By rebecca_liggett


A complete lesson, PowerPoint and resources based around Greta Thunberg’s Ted Talk on climate change.

This lesson begins by looking at the recent ‘School strike for climate change’ movement. It then moves on to explore the features of Persuasive Speeches and the students will annotate the speech to show their understanding. The lesson uses AFORRESTPIE as a vehicle for exploring the features.

All images sourced from Pixabay.

By Raphella

School students strike for action on climate change.

It’s a worksheet about the recent school strike. It is designed for EAL learners but may be of wider use, maybe in Citizenship or tutor period. I’m sure we don’t want them all downing pens, but knowledge is power!

By andorian

GCSE AQA 9-1: Climate Change - The human and physical causes of climate change.

Written specifically for the AQA 9-1 GCSE Geography Course but applicable to all relevant syllabi. An introductory lesson on the causes of climate change. Includes physical causes in the Quaternary Period as well human causes more recently. It is designed to be used with the Oxford Textbook but other sources can be used instead. Covers orbital changes, volcanic activity, sunspots, carbon emissions, nitrous oxides and methane.
By Stephen Bennett

Climate Change

Full unit of work for Climate Change. This unit explores the issues associated with climate change. Its starts with the science and then builds to look at the human and physical consequences and waht we can do. All lesson are suitable for 50 minutes to 1 hour of teaching time. Includes supporting worksheets for lessons - no additional resources are required. Most suitable for KS3 and perfect for preparing pupils for the new 9-1 GCSE specifications.

All lessons have a starter and lesson aim. All PowerPoints in the same signature style.

Lesson sequence:

1 - Why is our climate changing?
2 - What is the evidence for climate change?
3 - What are the natural causes of climate change?
4 - What are the human causes of climate change?
5 - How will climate change impact our planet?
6 - How will climate change impact our planet? (2)
7 - What will be the impact of climate change in the UK?
8 - Why does flooding occur?
9 - How can we manage climate change?
10 - Can we become more sustainable in our energy use?
11 - End of unit test

For more resources visit This is Geography. Full SoW for all new GCSE specifications - AQA, Edexcel, OCR, CIE IGCSE, Edexcel IGCSE and Eduqas. As well as over 200 lessons for KS3 and KS2. Want something bespoke designing? Email us for further details

By thisisgeography

Climate change and the Greenhouse effect worksheet

I made this for a Year 10 group doing the Greenhouse effect as part of P2 in the OCR Science GCSE. Printed/photocopied onto on A3. Can be completed with access to textbooks or with the internet. Includes both PowerPoint slide and JPEG
By Alex Johnston

Global impacts of climate change

Two complete lessons on the impacts of climate change across the world.

Fits with AQA GCSE Paper 1 Section A: The challenge of natural hazards (Climate Change)

I have used with KS3 and KS4

The first lesson covers rising temperatures, warming oceans, sea level rise, increase in frequency and intensity of storms, ocean acidification and desertification.

The second lesson includes spread of disease, changes in farming, drought, hosepipe bans, sea level rise, spread of malaria and changes for scottish ski resorts. It also has individual case studies from certain countries including Nepal and Kenya.

Includes differentiated acitivities.

By ellieeglynn

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