Decoding the primary computing curriculum

Enhance primary pupils’ understanding of the digital world with this collection of computing resources

Nicola Davison

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It’s hard to remember a time when computers weren’t such an essential part of our lives. Nowadays, they're everywhere, from our cars to our watches. As such, it is absolutely essential that we teach our young learners the skills they need to allow them to thrive in this digital world.

But it's not always that easy. Even at primary level, computing requires specific technical know-how and the thought of teaching it as a non-specialist can be a little overwhelming.

As ever, we're here to help! We’ve picked out some of the top schemes of work, in line with the new curriculum, to help you get started in your classroom.

General resources

Kick-start your planning with this comprehensive whole-school document, which not only outlines the key objectives for every unit at KS1 and KS2, but also contains detailed medium-term plans and links to useful resources.

Ensure that pupils are comfortable using subject-specific vocabulary by displaying these engaging keyword posters in your classroom or computer lab.

KS1 resources

Introduce young learners to the concept of algorithms and their importance in the creation of programs using this well-structured scheme of work, which includes a handy skills progression chart. 

Encourage your class to use technology purposefully to search and organise information with this seaside-themed pack (£2), but not before taking them through the basics of online safety in this fully-resourced lesson.

KS2 resources

Pupils can get to grips with Scratch programming in this six-week unit of work. Similarly, this Kodu scheme (£5), complete with handy video clips, also provides learners with the opportunity to design and write programs for themselves.

Explore the features of computer networks, and the opportunities the internet affords us, with this collection of lesson ideas. And reiterate the importance of staying safe online with this film-themed resource pack, which highlights a variety of issues from privacy settings to avoiding harmful content.

Quick links

General resources  
Whole-school planning document Keyword posters
KS1 resources KS2 resources
Introducing algorithms Scratch scheme of work
Seaside-themed data pack (£2) Kodu unit, with video (£5)
Internet safety lesson Understanding the internet
  Staying safe online pack

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