European Day of Languages: 10 resource picks

Heather Imrie
08th September 2015
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Celebrate and raise awareness of language learning with these ideas

26 September is always a highlight of the MFL calendar and we’ve picked out some resources inspiration in the form of displays, starters, lessons and assemblies to help you share your passion for languages with your school, pupils and colleagues.


  1. Languages display
    Inspire a love of language learning with these thought-provoking posters.
  2. German compound nouns for European Day of Languages
    Demonstrate just how logical German language learning can be with this fun look at animal-themed compound nouns.
  3. European Day of Languages assembly   
    This engaging assembly, complete with amusing video clips and images, is perfect for KS3 learners.
  4. Dutch shop signs
    Challenge your students to transfer their existing language skills and match these Dutch shop signs to their meanings.
  5. Celebrity languages display        
    These colourful posters of multilingual celebrities are presented in Spanish, but can be easily translated into other languages.
  6. Assembly on European Day of Languages 
    Greet students in 13 different languages at the start of this assembly, which also includes language facts and a well-known song in French.
  7. European Day of Languages challenge   
    Use QR codes to enthuse your class about the language and culture of other countries around the world.
  8. Euro quiz            
    Play on your pupils’ competitive nature with this multimedia match up game in French.
  9. Influence of Arabic on French and Spanish          
    Discover how Arabic has had an influence on two European languages with this fascinating PowerPoint presentation.
  10. European Day of Languages video           
    Find out more about this special day in an interesting interview with the language officer from the European Commission.

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