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AQA GCSE ART. External Task (Component 2) Support Resources 2018

AQA GCSE ART. External Task (Component 2) Support Resources 2018

We hand out the GCSE External Task (Component 2) papers in January. This set of resources provides structure and support for students as they develop their preparatory work. The External Task Support Document guides students through the development of work ensuring that they fully cover all four Assessment Objectives. It is also fully editable so that you can amend it to fully meet the needs of your students. Also included is an art analysis prompt sheet which guides students through detailed analysis of artwork, a work review sheet that encourages students to analyse their own progress and relate it to the AOs, a photocopy friendly history of art information document and student friendly explanations of the Assessment Objectives which really pinpoints what is required to meet the requirements of the AOs..... .... and finally, two slideshows showing what Grade 9 work looks like.