Managing behaviour to the end of term

Sian Evans
23rd November 2016
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Practical tools and activities to help you to keep your classes under control in the run up to Christmas

The festive season is upon us, which means that the holidays are in sight! But it’s at the end of term - just when you’re reaching peak tiredness - that your classes are most likely to play up. To make sure that students are getting the most out of December lessons, we’ve hand-picked a range of resources to help you to manage behaviour right up until you break up for Christmas.

Rewarding positive behaviour

Praise driven learners at the end of each lesson with these simple well done notes, which are designed to reward hard work and encourage others to aim for the same recognition. Likewise, use these reward wristbands* as a fun way to keep up momentum in the final few weeks. 

For something a little more festive, hand out these editable Christmas-themed certificates and celebrate the great work your students have achieved during the autumn term.

Keeping students motivated

As the distraction of Christmas creeps into the classroom, make sure students keep on track with their learning by using this interactive clock timer

Why not try bringing out the competitiveness of your learners with this team incentive chart? It will motivate students and ensure that enthusiasm to learn doesn’t slip at the end of term. Alternatively, use the anticipation of Christmas to inspire good work ethic by rating your classes daily as either naughty, nice or needs improvement with this behaviour advent calendar*.

Tackling poor behaviour

As lessons contain more fun activities and teaching becomes more relaxed, it is common for some students to act up and test the boundaries. Eradicate any low-level disruption quickly with this back-on-track template, which give students a quick target to prompt them to improve their behaviour without interrupting the flow of your lesson.

Follow up with any bad behaviour using this evaluation exercise, encouraging learners to think about what went wrong and their next steps for improvement. Similarly, this detention reflection worksheet* is ideal for getting students to assess their misdemeanour from six different angles.

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