Managing behaviour to the end of term

Recognise positive behaviour, motivate learners and eradicate low-level disruption ahead of the holidays with these top resources

Tes Resources Team

Reward chart being used to monitor behaviour at the end of term

Practical tools and activities to help with behaviour management

The summer term is well under way which means that the holidays are in sight! But it’s at the end of term that your classes are most likely to get distracted and disengaged. To make sure that students are getting the most out of summer lessons, we’ve hand-picked a range of resources to help you to manage behaviour right up until you break up for the holidays.

Rewarding positive behaviour

Classroom behaviour, rewards and incentives chart
Craig Collins

Classroom behaviour, rewards and incentives chart

I use this system of classroom rewards and incentives for my KS3 and KS4 students. I have found that this system works well in providing incentives for good student accountability and motivation to do well in lessons through friendly competition and ensuring team work. You will see from the a...

Keeping behaviour on track

Back on track cards
Danny Barthorpe

Back on track cards

A document with the sole purpose of providing a child with a small S.M.A.R.T target to get them 'back on track' with their learning/behaviour. A reward is outlined at the bottom of each card. The card is designed to be kept by the child so the ownership is on them to achieve the target and...
Pupil Behaviour Tracker - Primary Earth
Primary Earth

Pupil Behaviour Tracker - Primary Earth

Primary Earth presents the Pupil Behaviour Tracker. This format helps teachers and children to track their beahviour through the day and make correct choices. Send it home at the end of the day so parents can see how their child has behaved through out the day. Visit