Managing behaviour to the end of term

Sian Evans
30th November 2018
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Practical tools and activities to help you keep your classes under control in the run up to Christmas

The festive season is upon us, which means that the holidays are in sight! But it’s at the end of term - just when you’re reaching peak tiredness - that your classes are most likely to play up. To make sure that students are getting the most out of December lessons, we’ve hand-picked a range of resources to help you to manage behaviour right up until you break up for Christmas.

Rewarding positive behaviour

Christmas End of Term Certificates

Please comment. Thank you.
By Simone Finley

Well Done Notes - Colourful Easy to Adapt

No need to buy them! I have produced these templates, simply change the subject in the text box! My students love these and I hope yours do too! Simply print them in colour, trim them down with a guillotine, write a childs name on, sign and date and put them into an exercise book when you mark a piece of work! Feedback please via the comments section on here! Bryan Hackett
By bryan hackett

Classroom behaviour, rewards and incentives chart

I use this system of classroom rewards and incentives for my KS3 and KS4 students.
I have found that this system works well in providing incentives for good student accountability and motivation to do well in lessons through friendly competition and ensuring team work.

You will see from the attachments that my KS3 classes are divided into four teams and are awarded points for a prescribed set of criteria. At the end of the week I reward the students in the winning team.

My KS4 students are rewarded individually on the Roll of Honour. Each half term the students aim to achieve each of the rewards on the chart, putting them in competition with one another.

I have attached charts for Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. There are two copies of each, one with my rewards criteria and one without so that you may write in your own. All files are in PDF format. Either write in names etc by hand or use your PDF viewer to add annotations.

I hope you find these resources useful. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
By Craig Collins

Reindeer Incentive Reward Sticker Charts

Use these Reindeer Incentive Charts to mark reading or behavior progress with individual students, groups or classes. Use stamps, stickers or even your initials to mark off the squares. Charts are 4x5 inches and there are 4 charts per page.

  • Please see the Preview. This includes 3 Reindeer charts with and without a background color and in B&W.
By WindupTeacher

Keeping behaviour on track

Christmas Reward

Christmas Reward Activity. A perfect way to reward your class! Use this as a rewards and incentives tool.

When pupils are well behaved, click the button and add another section to the loading bar. When the bar is full, pupils are rewarded with a makebelieve email to Santa.

Please click on the video to view this resource.

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By TeachElite

Interactive Clock Timer

Interactive digital clock that counts down from 20 mins to 1 min. There are several powerpoint slides that start from each minute and counts down to zero. You can copy and paste the slide from the powerpoint to nother so fits in nicely with the flow of the presentation. Used it for timed challenges with children across KS1 & KS2, is great so they can see exactly how much time they have left. Is a big display too so easily seen.
By selinaj

Back on track cards

A document with the sole purpose of providing a child with a small S.M.A.R.T target to get them 'back on track' with their learning/behaviour.

A reward is outlined at the bottom of each card.

The card is designed to be kept by the child so the ownership is on them to achieve the target and get themselves 'back on track'.
By Danny Barthorpe

Stop and Think

To help with behaviour management. Give this to students to help them think about their behaviour and what led to them being sent out of a lesson ("red carded").
The behaviour issues have been prepopulated. Students simply circle and reflect. A good tool as a way to discuss next steps.
By brimshamlanguages

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