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05th September 2019

Speed up your planning using this hand-picked collection of starters and plenaries

Finding something to begin and end your lesson with can be tricky and time-consuming. To help you out, we have gathered together some starter and plenary resources that will give structure to your lessons and save you time searching for ideas and activities.


Range of topics covered - odd one out - plenary or starter

Answers are included with all ppts - I often use as a plenary or starter to gauge the students understanding.

Feedback would be appreciated.
By danielwkelly

Outstanding starter and plenary activities

81 adaptable and amendable PowerPoint slides to attach as starters and plenaries to any lesson. Some can be printed as worksheets. Using these starters and plenaries I have received many observations graded as outstanding, including an English lesson graded as outstanding by OFSTED. Each slide includes teachers notes on the bottom for instruction.

Activities include:
Two Truths and a lie
Matching definitions
Describe the picture
Brain dump
Back to Back
A to Z
Freeze frame
…and many more.

By jillyjones1987

The Starter Generator: KS2 - 4(Ages 7-16) Starters

This is a resource with 120 starters all in one place! The Starter Generator has enough starters for you to shake a stick at. All come with pictures to aid recall and enjoyment and are explained, often with examples. Nearly all are generic and can be used across subjects. Enjoy!

By mikegershon

Outstanding English starter and plenary activities

86 PowerPoint slides consisting of starters and plenaries. Can be printed as worksheets, edited and adapted. I have created these over the last 4 years whilst teaching English. I teach English to KS3 SEMH students, but these can be adapted for KS2 and KS4. I have had several lessons observations using such slides, graded as outstanding, including an English observation from OFSTED. Slides can be printed out as worksheets for students, added to your existing PowerPoints, can be edited and adapted depending on topic.

Activities include:
Paired discussion templates
Dictionary and thesarus tasks
Two truths and a lie
Quiz templates
Here is the answer, what is the question
A to Z
Word bank template
Pictures links
What if?
Teach an alien
Match the keywords
How many words can you make out of…?
Brain dump
memory master

…and many more.

By jillyjones1987


A quick starter game on food. This will allow students to work in pairs and try to reconstruct the triangle. Through this activity they will revise the vocabulary on food. They will finally be able to find the opinion phrase revealed at the edge of the triangle.
Cut out
Muddle up
Ask students to rearrange to form the triangle so that the French sentences match the English ones.
This could be laminated.
By stannadia

Maths lesson starters

130 power point slides to use as mental starter activities in maths lessons, either independently or in pairs . There are a number of different types of activity, all encouraging mental flexibility in the use of the 4 operations. The slides get more challenging to enable progression throughout the term / year. Aimed at a more able Year 5-6 group but could easily be adapted for different abilities.

By phileusfogg180


Back to school Plenaries AFL

Plenary Generator Great for AFL

This is a fully INTERACTIVE presentation with animation and MUSIC.

The PPT consists of 70 Slides

Use the Plenary Generator Wheel to select one of the 10 plenaries within this presentation. Press the ’Start’ Button to spin the wheel and the 'Stop’ button to select a number. Each plenary should last 10 minutes. Perfect for Assessment for Learning ( AFL )

Please note…

Some of these plenaries require printouts-Supplied with this resource. It is suggested that copies are printed in bulk in preparation for use.

List of plenary Activities:

1. Tree Climb Activity

2. Pass the Bomb PLEASE NOTE: there are two versions of this resource so as to include 'Beat the Clock' alternative to 'Pass the Bomb' as we realise that this could be a sensitive activity for some pupils.

3. Letter Investigator

4. Beat the Clock – Balloon Timer

5. Opinion Line

6. Chatterbox /Cootie Catcher

7. Memory Game

8. We Say, You Play

9. Reverse Cognition

10. Emoji Graph

Final Task: Exit Pass

If you'd like to view our Starter Generator, please follow this link:
By TeachElite

KS3 Number Starter or Plenary

This PowerPoint is a really useful resource based on a variety of topics in maths in the form of a quiz. A great way to end a lesson if you have 5 or so minutes spare. The pupils will be engaged with this and can promote healthy competition in the class.

Roll a plenary - geography challenge board

A challenge board used with KS3/4 for plenary, extension, challenge - engaging and works well.
By CEM418

Minesweeper Plenary Game

Minesweeper is a very popular game where players have to avoid exploding hidden bombs in the sea. Do the same in school and end your lessons with a bang !

Use this game as a plenary activity. This can be used for any subject and any year. E.g. MFL – translation of vocabulary Maths – answers to sums. History – dates, facts

I personally have used it for pupils to translate vocabulary covered in a topic, scaffolding questions, starting with single words and then building up to more complex sentences.

How to run the activity:
Split the class into two groups or more.
Teacher asks a question to each group.
Teacher selects by hands up (or miniwhiteboards, or team discussion).
Teacher selects a pupil to give the answer.
If the answer is correct – pupil can choose a mine.
If there’s a coin under the bomb - one point for your team
If there’s an explosion under the bomb - lose one point
If there’s a super bomb - the rubber duck of the evil clown - lose 2 points.
The team with the most points wins!

By Monsieur MFL

Plenary Dice - Peer/Self Assessment - Starter/Plenary

The resource is designed to be used as a plenary, allowing for peer and self assessment as the dice are thrown a question on each side of the dice can be answered by the pupil, or they can select another pupil to answer the question. The dice take up 2 A4 pages. They should be printed on to card, cut out and then stuck together with sellotape. The dice have general evaluative questions, as well as subject specific questions to be Art, however the questions can be easily edited. The questions can also allow for high order questioning to be used.

They can be used with a variety of year groups as they are very easily adapted.
By Hannah_Emi

Plenaries on a Plate

With Plenaries on a Plate, you will never have to plan a plenary again! Slide two shows 168 coloured dots. Click on a dot and get a plenary - every one is different. They are appropriate for all subjects and for Key Stages 2-5. In addition, all the plenaries can be used regardless of what has gone before in the lesson.
By mikegershon

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