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Tara Wright
09th November 2018
Winter lessons and worksheets


Glistening winter-themed resources to explore the season with secondary students

As we snowball towards the Christmas break, the temperature plummets, the rain becomes a constant and days are getting shorter, however that doesn't mean it has to be all doom and gloom! We have put together a selection of wonderful wintery lessons, worksheets, games and puzzles to get you feeling wintery. So, wrap up warm and treat your class with these fun and festive resources.

Whole School 


This is my version of a popular game - Dobble.
Dobble is a simple pattern recognition game in which players try to find an image shown on two cards.

Each card in Dobble features eight different symbols, with the symbols varying in size from one card to the next. Any two cards have exactly one symbol in common. For the basic Spot it! game, reveal one card, then another. Whoever spots the symbol in common on both cards claims the first card, then another card is revealed for players to search, and so on. Whoever has collected the most cards when the 55-card deck runs out wins!
I hope you find it useful. Please, leave a review I will be very grateful!
By Olynj

Winter in English Sudoku

Sudoku game uses 9 winter vocabulary words: downhill skiing, fireplace, hot chocolate, hockey, shovel, skate, snowball, snowflake, snowman. This version of Sudoku uses pictures and English. This approach makes the student think about the meaning in each square and so helps students to learn the vocabulary faster. 5 versions included.
By jer520

English & MFL

Love and Relationships - Winter Swans

A fully differentiated and resourced lesson that analyses the use of language within Owen Sheers’ classic poem Winter Swans. Throughout the lesson we look at how the writer builds up atmosphere using pathetic fallacy, personification and winter imagery, before switching our focus to how both the couple and the swans are represented. A brilliant lesson for KS4 students preparing for AQA English Literature Paper 2 and easily adaptable for younger students.

By Lead_Practitioner

Winter in German Sudoku

Sudoku game uses 9 winter vocabulary words: downhill skiing, fireplace, hot chocolate, hockey, shovel, skate, snowball, snowflake, snowman. This version of Sudoku uses pictures, English and German. This approach makes the student think about the meaning in each square and so helps students to learn the vocabulary faster. 5 versions included.
By jer520


Pressure Mystery (Which Animals will Sink in the Snow?)

Promote independent thinking and problem solving strategies with this resource on calculating pressure using force and area. Pupils must use their mathematical knowledge along with the clues provided to work out which of the animals will sink in the snow!

This is a topic which is new to the GCSE for 2017 and is assessed at both higher and foundation tier.

Full instructions, ideas for support and extension, and a solution are provided in the resource - what more could you need?

Get this resource as part of our great value Mysteries Bundle

Try a resource like this for free!
By SimplyEffectiveEducation

Problem Solving Video - Snow Scatter Graph

A video to be used in class either as a starter, to consolidate learning or even as homework. This video poses a real life area problem which requires Maths to solve. Designed to highlight the application of Maths, this video tests understanding of scatter diagrams and correlation, requiring students to draw and use a line of best fit. Many other problem solving videos available.

By SteveJonesMaths


Ice Road Truckers: Pressure Calculation Lesson

Pupils learn about how to apply the pressure calculation to a real life scenario. They work in groups to work out which truck they would use to travel along the ice roads and present their finsings in the form of a poster. Ticks many OFSTED boxes if you know what I mean. Instructions on first slide.
By alexjfirth

Edexcel CC1a States of Matter

CC1 lesson for the new Edexcel Science GCSE, looking at states of matter.
Including: what the states of matter are, properties of the states of matter, particle theory, changes of state, predicting states of matter, cooling curve practical and heating curves.
By Paul Foster


Exploring Autumn and Winter Festivals - unit plan

This comprehensive unit plan is suitable for S1/S2/S3 (Scotland), Year 7/8/9 (England) and takes into account the experiences and outcomes for RMPS, Literacy, Health and Wellbeing (the Third and Fourth level).

The principles and strategies of formative assessment are embedded in all lessons along with a variety of learning and teaching approaches including active learning. The unit plan also encompasses Significant Aspects of Learning within RMPS and Key Progression Framework Statements for these levels.

It covers some of the most relevant autumn and winter festivals: Thanksgiving, Diwali, Hanukkah, Remembrance, St. Andrew and Christmas. The unit is assessed using a poster approach.

By Think_About_It


KS3 Topic - Glaciation

Lesson 1 - What are glaciers and where are they located?
Lesson 2 - How are glaciers formed and how can they shape the landscape?
Lesson 3 - Processes of Glaciation
Lesson 4 - Glacial landforms shaped by erosion.
Lesson 5 - Glacial landforms shaped by deposition
Lesson 6 - What is it like to live in a glacial environment?
Lesson 7 - Climate Change vs Glacial Environments

Fully resourced lessons with a wide range of activities.
Homework sheets and differentiated lower ability worksheets included.

Revision A3 sheet a d topic test also included.

By c_coates300


Here comes Santa Claus/Winter Wonderland

An arrangment of the mash-up of songs from Pitch Perfect 2.
Arranged in two parts.
Mostly in canon - easy to learn and fun for class performance or choir for Christmas performances.
By luciamclernon

Snowflake Winter Mosaic - Collaborative Classroom Art Activity - Winter Art Activity

Printable Fall/Autumn template for students to color that pieces together to create a mosaic of student's artwork.

Included: UK & US Spelling of Color/Colour included
Larger Template for smaller children
Instructions Sheet

I appreciate any feedback on my resources and am always looking for ways to make them more useful!

Winter Bulletin Board; Art worksheets; Snowflake Bulletin Board; Fun activities; Coloring Sheets; Fall Coloring Sheets, Collaborative Coloring Sheets; Interactive Coloring Sheets; Mosaics, Substitute worksheets; Sub plans; Elementary Art; Fun worksheets; Hands-on Elements of Art; Color, Shape. Easy Art Lessons. No prep art lessons.
By Aspacetocreate

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