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50 French writing, speaking and drawing prompts - Écriture sans préparation

50 French writing, speaking and drawing prompts - Écriture sans préparation

This set of French writing, speaking and drawing prompts includes 50 cards to print and cut out as well as 50 individual printable writing and drawing pages. There is also a PDF with only one card per slide if you prefer to project the prompts rather than printing. Each prompt is reinforced with an image. The cards would also be great to use as speaking prompts for small group work. You can easily use these no prep prompts with many different levels whether you teach primary immersion, primary core, or traditional middle and high school. Use the cards either for speaking or writing, the writing pages as easy printable activities and the drawing pages for differentiated learning or with your younger students. The writing pages are saved individually and the title of each file is the question itself. The same is true for the drawing pages. This will help you save time and organize the prompts according to level and the classes you want to use them with. There are so many ways you can use these prompts. Here are a few ideas: ⇨ writing centers ⇨ fast finishers ⇨ tutoring sessions ⇨ no prep sub materials ⇨ morning work ⇨ project on white board for a whole class activity Each prompt is open ended to encourage creative writing. Suitable for: ⇨ Grades 1-6 immersion (create stacks according to level) ⇨ 4-8 core French ⇨ Traditional high school French programs LICENSING TERMS: This purchase includes a license for one teacher only for personal use in their classroom. Licenses are non-transferable, meaning they can not be passed from one teacher to another. No part of this resource is to be shared with colleagues or used by an entire grade level, school, or district without purchasing the proper number of licenses. COPYRIGHT TERMS: This resource may not be uploaded to the internet in any form, including classroom/personal websites or network drives, unless the site is password protected and can only be accessed by students. 50 French writing prompts - Feuilles et cartes - Écriture sans préparation