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German – Conversation Cards – Questions and Answers.

German – Conversation Cards – Questions and Answers.

This is a set of 28 question cards and 28 answer cards to get your pupils speaking to each other in German and great to use as starters for target language practice. They include questions about name age, likes, favourites, preferences, family, daily routine, and many more. These fun colourful cards can be printed and cut into individual question and answer cards to be used in several different ways, depending on the ability and confidence of your students: Both question and answer cards can be given to students in pairs to practice a conversation. (Easier level) Question cards only given to pairs to practice a conversation. Students will need to form their own answers. (Middle level) Students are only given the answer cards and need to use these to form the relevant questions. (Harder level) It is essential that pupils can ask questions (not just answer them). Regular practice of these question and answer sessions will allow them to get used to asking questions and be able to formulate further questions independently.
Ich fahre mit dem Zug

Ich fahre mit dem Zug

Presentation to introduce and practice vehicle vocabulary in German. Phrases introduced: ich fahre mit / ich gehe 1. Pictures of vehicles appear with the correct phrase. 2. Two pictures appear and one phrase - pupils choose matching picture (A or B). 3. Pictures appear - click to bring up text. 4. Words appear but are in the wrong order. Click to arrange in correct order.