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Winter Olympics Spanish Sports - PowerPoints, Worksheets, and Activities

Winter Olympics Spanish Sports - PowerPoints, Worksheets, and Activities

I love the Olympics – so I made a mini unit about sports revolving around the winter Olympics 2018 focusing on athletes from Spanish speaking countries. This resource includes all of the following – No prep needed! -Powerpoint for the week - including fun vocab games, and interactive activities -Worksheets for the following New Sports Vocab - Student Led Students read about athletes competing in the 2018 winter olympics from Spain and Argentina, and using context clues find the vocabulary (relating to winter sports and sports in general) and answer questions about sports they play. Additionally asks students to think and analyze why there are less spanish speaking countries in the winter olympics. Sparks interest and discussion, and answer key included. Fun Olympics Meme Homework Fun worksheet where students see funny pictures of Olympic athletes and then write their own memes/captions with the sentence starter “Esta es mi cara cuando…”. No prep needed - can be a homework or fun class activity, which can be extended to students searching photos and writing their own captions. Communicative Activity - ¿Qué deporte juegas? ¿Cuándo? students are given a model, and walk around the room asking other what sport they play and when. Students then write down the response of their peer in third person and graph the results of the class. -Links to review websites for the vocabulary (Quizizz) and the Google slides version of the powerpoint. Highly recommend using the link in the resource for the Google Slides version over the Power Point file, also Google slides version will give you access to the other documents as well (how long the Powerpoint will last you, depends on your bell schedule and how long class periods are. This lasted me four full days of school with 55 minute class periods.)