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Revision of the PRESENT TENSE in Spanish of AR ER IR verbs

Revision of the PRESENT TENSE in Spanish of AR ER IR verbs

LO: to form the present tense of -ER and –IR verbs and revise –AR verbs This resource can be used as an introduction or revision of the present tense. It is detailed and has lots of exercises with variety. - Grammar table, Mini whiteboards, Matching up, Dice conjugations, a quick board game to form verbs, Translation and writing are all included. I have also included time phrases. Please see preview and attached images to get an insight of the resource. The lesson is well scaffolded from identifying the present tense to writing a paragraph using all 3 categories of verbs in the present tense. This is a great lesson to follow on from my -AR verbs introduction on the Present tense resource. Please follow the link to view: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/the-present-tense-in-spanish-of-ar-verbs-11816375 All answers to activities are included :) I hope you enjoy using it . Please leave a review - gracias :)